That locked in feel what is it & how to get it

By kwadkenstine on Jun 25, 2019

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First thing, I am not the worlds best piolet and these are only my thoughts;
When i started i flew reactively.
In the beginning , without a datdbase of mooves to call on I was flying in reaction to what the quad was doing.
As a result proximity flying was neer impossable.
After a large number of crashes and time on the sim ,things started to come together.
I started flying predictively. What does this mean , well , after figuring out what the stick inputs actually do i started entering moves earlier and earlier ( doing fast hairpins is good for this ).
This did 2 things 1 it teaches controll , not to over shoot , 2 it brings what you see in the goggles in sink with the feedback you get from your fingers when you move the sticks.
In other words you start to disreguard the time delay between sticks and quad.
After much moar data base building predicting what the quad will do becomes instinictive
That locked in feel happens when the lag of the quad matches the auto advance you put into stick inputs.
A beginner will never feel this. dont buy a quad because a reviewer says its locked in ,thats his experience not yours.
Sneek peek at my next build Prestressed concrete .
Inspired by Quadstar drones . Thanks for all the inspiration.
Experimental build . this is all for now.



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Jodie Froster   Jun 27, 2019  

LOL, is that a baby monitor? Arrows?

kwadkenstine   Jun 27, 2019 

Arrows yes.
What is a BABY???

Jodie Froster   Jun 28, 2019 

That's a joke, right? I never know who's using google translate these days...

kwadkenstine   Jun 28, 2019 

I speeke goode engle sorry Jodie ,yes it is a joke

Noboody   Jun 26, 2019  

We need more details !!

fovea   Jun 26, 2019  

pictures please ;-) looks intressting

QuadStar Drones   Jun 25, 2019  

I'm impatiently waiting to see that build...

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