GT X549 Exorcist w/Mamba F722

By jonbuckles on Jun 28, 2019

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New build in the brand new Diatone Innovations GT X549 Exorcist racing frame. The goal for this build was to have a strong, lightweight 6s racer with top of the line equipment, no compromises. I think the parts were matched perfectly for this build and so far it has been flying amazing!

Flight video testing setup :



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adarkthinline   Jul 02, 2019  

Awesome frame!

I have your lead shot as my phone lock screen.

I wanted to know what the intent was with the frame design. Was it to bring the props towards the center of the body so that you have a better balance between all axis?

PLUS being a tank against crashes?

jonbuckles   Jul 02, 2019 
adarkthinline   Jul 02, 2019  

I have your lead shot as my phone lock screen.

sharkbyte   Jun 28, 2019  


jonbuckles   Jun 29, 2019 

I'm taking this as a personal compliment and not in regards to the build whatsoever ;)

Dave_C FPV   Jun 28, 2019  

That frame is one of the most beatifful ever made IMO. Although probably not practical enough to be used in competion by amateur pilots.

jonbuckles   Jun 28, 2019 

depends i guess.. if it holds up, could save money

Korneliussen   Jun 28, 2019  

What kind of tape is that on the motor wires

jonbuckles   Jun 28, 2019 

8mm x100ft Black Insulating Acetate Cloth Adhesive Tape For Laptop Motor Transformer

WizzX   Jun 28, 2019  

what a nice frame, but, ehm :) not so nice build i mean cable management should be nicer.

jonbuckles   Jun 28, 2019 

It's mostly because the motor wires are gray and adding sleeving would just be adding uneeded weight. I routed them this way to keep distance from the props ;)

CarbonRain   Jun 28, 2019 

It's a pretty frame viewed in isolation but I'd never thought about the cable management when built, shape does make it a little more awkward to get it clean looking! Still, looks like a great build, how's the stiffness compared to a conventional flat carbon rig?

jonbuckles   Jun 28, 2019 

its the toughest frame Ive held.. crashed it a couple times so far, no damage yet.

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