An Ablazing's Build Log of the Mikro70

By Ablazing on Jan 02, 2017

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This is one of the smallest, if not the smallest micro quad you have ever seen.
It is truly a pocket drone that you can take everywhere with you.
The frame is made for the PIKO BLX flight controller and 20x20mm 4in1 ESC, or you can use 4 tiny ESCs separately on the arms.
But, it's an easier and cleaner build with the 4in1 ESC.

It's definately not a build for beginners, you'll need some experience previously, however it's not impossible as a first ever build.
Just expect to pull your hair out, at least, more than a couple of times during your build.
If that's your cup of tea, then good luck, you're going to need it!

Even for me, at the beginning, I just sat there staring at all the pieces and wondered how all of it was
going to fit together. Well, After a good 15 minutes or so, I then decided to make some necessary changes to the original build:

  1. I'll start with the biggest change by taking out the bottom plate and putting it aside, I think we can do without it because
    I'm using the 4in1 micro ESC from Cicada Sunrise. It allows us to mount the ESC on the inside,
    and just under the PIKO BLX. So, we don't need the protection that the bottom plate offers, the 4in1 is better protected here.
    And the battery shields us from underneath anyways.

  2. Because we have taken out the bottom plate, we'll need to replace the standoffs and screws to support the new configuration.
    I'm sorry I thought I added this part already, so the picture displayed on the left shows the standoffs and screws I have replaced. The ones on the right I'm replacing them with the ones on the left and the ones in the middle I have not changed from the original.
    So I'm using 6mm screws, and the 8-9mm screws because I needed a long one to go through the ESC board, and enough for a little standoff to screw on.
    And I had to use a slightly bigger standoff because the 6mm screws needed more threading.

As you can see, the original had the threadings sticking out at the bottom, it doesn't look very nice, so I got rid of it and the ESC plate altogether lol.

Below shows a problem I ran into, the small square plates(fets?) was in the way and wouldn't allow me to screw all the way down. I had to realign it to fix the problem, sort of. Some of the standoffs I had to brute force it and the standoff would squeeze enough to make it all levelled.

And here's a look at the frame without the ESC plate.

I changed motors from 1104 to 1103 because I had just received them in the mail and this will be better for indoor flying which I intend to do most of my flying. It will be lighter and make less noise overall. And not to mention, longer flight times.

One of the motor screws is a bit too close but the wire strand has heat shrink so it should be alright... right?

To be continued....

This build is incomplete at the moment, I'll keep on updating it until it's finished.

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italiangeis   Jan 06, 2017  

This is awesome!

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