MaximusFPV INV8R (14x14)

By MaximusFPV on Jul 02, 2019

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That is, provided you build it correctly. This is by far the fastest and strongest thing I have ever designed or built, and that's a dangerous combo in the right hands. This is an excellent freestyle rig, especially if you like dives and punchouts, but I suspect the low-end control provided by the Spintech 1304ST would also allow it to be a terrifyingly good racing rig. The 14x14 camera shaves you several vital grams while still providing some pretty great video quality, at least in my opinion.

So, this was my first time using the Mamba Mini MK2. Thing is, I didn't know it was the MK2 because Diatone had not made this very clear to RDQ, who had subsequently not updated their images. This led to some head scratching over differing numbers and placements of pads, but I got it sorted. Also, while this is a great stack (it's taken some serious beatings), they've made the ESC larger, and it seems to be following the design of the Airbot Ori32. Sadly, this limits how you can orient the stack, especially with the short cable they give you. I had to rotate it mid-build, which was somewhat irksome, but it worked out okay. Other than that, it was fairly straight forward. Mount the motors, solder them to the ESC, add your peripherals, head to Betaflight.

I think you'd better at least give it a try. I've flown a lot of micros, but this one is for sure the most fun, and I think you should experience it too!



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sharkbyte   Jan 15, 2020  

Hey Max, have you tried more aggressive pitched props?

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