KwadKarl Weemix Prototype by Rotorious FPV

By daich on Jul 12, 2019

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built out the prototype. new updates have already been released though which is lighter and easier to build.

--22 July 2019
Got it tuned up and flying decent now. The 11,000kv motor really needs a throttle cut at 2s and these 65mm props. I set it on betaflight side at 70%, Previously tried it on the radio side and it was flying a bit wonky.
These motors are so much smoother than the happymodel ex1102, racerstar 1103b and br1103b I have been playing with on my toothpicks. Even at 70% throttle cut, gobs more power too! (for sure xt30 packs is another factor to the power delivery)



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tyfighter_FPV   Jul 21, 2019  

"weemix" i love it

Kababfpv   Jul 13, 2019  

i specifically made an account to be able to tell you how beautiful your work is. really cool design and fantastic name!

daich   Jul 13, 2019 

Is this the Bob? if so, I'm honoured by your comment but all the credit goes to Karl Derner the creator of the Bando Racer brand of frames. I'm a huge fan of his work!

Kababfpv   Jul 13, 2019 

yeah it's me. i recognize how hard this is to pull off cleanly. really nice.

daich   Jul 14, 2019 

so true. the smaller the harder to make a clean build. some times it takes me over a month (not waiting for banggood) of coming back to a build every few days trying to get inspiration to fit things together in a good way.

SpikeDiesel   Jul 14, 2019  

OMG weenmix lmao, I was holding off buildin a toothpick but this is IT, perfection

FilUP   Jul 12, 2019  

It looks like a micro remix... I wAnT tHaT!!!

daich   Jul 12, 2019 

"weemix" 

BandoRacers   Jul 13, 2019 

Yeah that's where the inspiration came from. It's Tommy approved too 😂

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