INAV Powered Cinematic 7

By Khoff7 on Jul 15, 2019

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edit. this ended up about 150ft up in a tree somewhere a mile from where I was flying.

This is my first build with INAV. If I ever build another long range quad it will use INAV, I see no purpose to using betaflight on long range builds any more. Sure the GPS rescue works OK for minorly bad situations but being able to flip a switch and hold position or actually RTH with telemetry information the whole way home on your radio display can be priceless in bad situations.

The INAV feels like normal betaflight in every situation a big 7" quad should be in, i doubt it is up to doing extremely fast manuevers that a 5" freestyle or racer might be up for, but a heavy 7" quad wont be doing that anyway.

Now I want to build a FR7 or Super G with INAV.

Oh and the Cinematic 7 frame is awesome, super nice soft FC mounting and everything is very lightweight + stiff. Its like having the safety net of a DJI product with the performance of a modern miniquad!



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gilesclement   Jul 23, 2019  

Nice build, I'd be curious to know what kind of PID's you're using for that. I have an FR7 and my problem with iNav, besides it being generally difficult to work with, is that it seems a lot shakier than what I can get with Betaflight. That said, if I could get a stable flight out of it I'd much prefer the better RTH capabilities.

Khoff7   Jul 23, 2019 

I am largely using the "freestyle 7" preset in inav with rates slowed down to 430 degrees per second all around. my beta flight 7" can handle aggressive flying better than this one but It is bobble free for normal fast cruising. it's not as locked in as betaflight but I find the looseness on the tune makes smooth flying easy.

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