BandoRacers Twiglet V3

By daich on Jul 17, 2019

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3" Twiglet finally done! 1104 7500kv on 2s and 3" biblades should be quiet and effecient, and at this weight plenty powerful. We will see on maiden. I can always run 3s if needed but I have a feeling it won't be necessary.
This HQ props will be a first for me, they look slick. I still do love the gemfan 3025 biblades for their efficiency though, so will bring a long a set for maiden session if needed.

--22 July 2019
I thought the motors might be able to push the 3" props ok with such light weight. Well they handle ok but not quite how I like it.
Massive power on punch out but the motors just don't have enough go juice to command much authority on the props. When I moved over to 3s it was much better but still lacking. If I didn't fly the wee mix after flying this I might have been pretty happy apart from a few weird shakes I need to tune out. The wee mix flies on rails. The 1103 handles the 65mm props with so much authority. I think for this 3" twiglet, I'll need to either try some lighter props or bigger motors (a bit reluctant to add the extra weight though, being a 2mm frame)

Stay tuned as I'll be trying some gemfan 3025 and rotorx 3020 as they are both lighter. HQ prop also announced a lighter 3020 but not sure how long it will be before it hits consumer benches.

--7 September 2019
few changes. new pod that takes 19mm cams - tossed in an old caddx sdr1. got the new HQ 3x2 biblades - they are perfect for these motors. 2s is smooth and plenty powerful, nice and quiet too! 3s livens everthing up and straight rips.

on a 300mah 2s (it's a liHV charged to 4.2v so it's probably more like 260mah)

raw dvr of 3s so MUTE (before pod/camera swap)



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robomaniac   Jul 22, 2019  

you need 1404 motors or I saw a guy with amax 1106 with 3in props and it was ripping pretty hard!

StickyRice   Jul 20, 2019  

does that canopy wobble? im trying to make a similar canopy for the chopsticks but im getting vibrations on mine

daich   Jul 21, 2019 

mine doesn't but I can see how it could wobble left and right as it's only mounted in two spots. I don't even secure it down with a nut...the m2 bolts fit really tightly on my TPU printed one so much that I didn't find it necessary for any additional securing.

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