By Danbooj on Jul 18, 2019

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In this build I needed to repair an old 5 inch that I crashed to death, pretty much everything but the escs was shot and needed to be replaced. I took the opportunity to build the Hyperlow CG. I had my eyes on the frame for a very long time and I thought it would look good with the xing motors, the color scheme fell right into place. For extra aesthetics I only used black white and purple wire on the whole build to keep it very color coordinated. I also strapped a RGB LED to the top plate so it would glow from the inside out it looks great in person and adds a little zest to the middle of the drone.
Fitting everything into a 15mm stack proved quite difficult in this build. Instead of running the wires to the pdb uder the FC I actually flipped over the pdb and soldered the wires to it upside down. This durastically reduced the size of my stack and I was able to tuck the wires away under the pcb mounting boards in the front and back.
As of now I cant say how it flies. I am waiting on a couple of batteries to arrive so I can actually rip it but during the test hover it felt smooth and punchy. I will also post a couple videos of the flight performance when I get a go pro.

UPDATE (7/30/19): 
This thing absolutely rips. its butter smooth and locked in. flying S4 lemon limes which dont match the color scheme but they feel so good in the air.




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SpikeDiesel   Jul 24, 2019  

Noice man, just got the same motors for my remix, flies GREAT on gemfan 51466 try em, Fast durable and SUPER efficent, and gonna steal ur purple led theme ;)

Danbooj   Jul 24, 2019 

thanks! I love the motors they are loud as hell with the cyclones and they make such a beautiful noise. I LITERALLY JUST placed an order for s4 lemon limes about an hour ago so maybe ill pick up a set or 2 next time for the leds my only suggestion is if you have the room get a longer strip and run em all the way down the body so it has even glow. The purple I use is a lil darker than the stock bf purple because it looks too white with the preset. -Good luck

SpikeDiesel   Jul 24, 2019 

Yea love mine too, I tested them to be 2500kv dead on vs miniquadtestbench 2350 in , must have been earlier winds they fixed, the Kabab grey 51466s are invisible which is nice and match purple well, have a purple lollipop too.  I have a 4 led strip on the rear to help me find it and for guys chasin, it does the knight rider sweep thing, ;) so I changed color to purple and yea the betaflight color is white ish so went with the pinkish one think it was #13 in the cli, matches nice, hit me up if ur ever in south central florida man

Jodie Froster   Jul 20, 2019  

Slick rig. Why didn't you use an AiO Fc with the PDB in it?

Danbooj   Jul 20, 2019 

Thank You! I had one of those Aio boards in my previous 5 inch but I didnt love it. I wanted to use the Lux f7 and I had a spare PDB that I never used, I also dont like the idea of soldering my esc wires to my FC it just dosent make for a super clean looking build. With the PDB I was able to do a nice wire tuck and it ended up looking better I didnt want to have a lot of wires coming out of the FC either.

Jodie Froster   Jul 21, 2019 

It is tidy, I give you that!

miromir237   Jul 19, 2019  

Looks really cool with that purple glow from inside.

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