Armattan Marmotte 5 Inch Cruiser

By Airmaxx23 on Jul 18, 2019

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I recently built a 7 inch quad but I just wasn't happy with how it felt flying, I think 5 inch quads are my sweet spot. I pulled the electronics and used everything but the motors to rebuild my Chameleon Ti. I wasn't interested in long range but still wanted something for slow cruising with extended flight times. I ended up buying another 5 inch Marmotte and used the Xing 2306-1700kv motors on it.

Rather than use race wire I drew up some wire holders/protectors that weigh 2.3 grams each. The rest of the 3D printed parts I designed and printed as well.

With the Gemfan Flash 5149-3 props and a 1300mAh 5S pack I'm getting 8 minutes of flight just slow cruising around using 1000mAh. I'll be trying other tri-blade props and some bi-blade props to see if I can extend the flight time a little longer.



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ronald010   Jul 15, 2020  

late to the party, but is it ok to just put the RushFPV on the bottom om the frame or did you put anything under there?
You can only fit 2 screws in right?

Airmaxx23   Jul 15, 2020 

You wouldn't want to put it on the bottom, it could get damaged pretty easily. You can only use 2 screws.

ronald010   Jul 15, 2020 

awesome thanks

tehllama   Nov 18, 2019  

This thing is gorgeous - I randomly ran into somebody at the DCA Airport with one similarly pretty - still can't figure out why I want one in this color scheme so badly.

Farinflyer   Aug 20, 2019  

can you post the thingiverse file for the motor wire protector?

Airmaxx23   Aug 21, 2019 

Yes I can. I'll get them on Thingiverse today or tomorrow and post a link here for you.

Farinflyer   Aug 31, 2019 

did you ever get a chance to post them?

Airmaxx23   Sep 03, 2019 

Sorry for the delay, here you go.

Tyger   Jul 20, 2019  

Brilliant build love it especially the clean stack with great use of space. If only they made a low version of the marmotte. does the VTX get hot without air flow underneath?? As I may follow you with my current build and mount the rush like that.

Airmaxx23   Jul 20, 2019 

Thanks, the VTx stays cool even running at 500mw. Since I have the wires soldered to the pads on the bottom of the VTx I used a spacer under the 2 holes on the VTx where the screws go through. To be safe I put a thin layer of hot glue over the wires so they can't come in contact with the carbon fiber. I then used 2 small pieces of double sided foam tape on the corners where I removed the screw holes on the VTx. I'm adding 2 photos right now that show the motors wired to the ESC and the whole build without the top plate.

Tyger   Jul 22, 2019 

Thank you very much for the added pictures. Great instructions, I will be sure to do this on my next build on a low frame. Happy Flying

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