BMSRacing JS-1

By wklee.fpv on Jul 19, 2019

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JS-1 is surely the best frame of this year.

Customized Canopy for turtle mode!!

Flight controller is my own design. It is 100% upgradeable and repairable - OSD, BEC, Gyro all are interchangeable. If I blew up the BEC after hard crash, I dont need to throw out the whole board but simply replace with a new BEC. If I want my quad to support 6S battery, a quick swap of a 6S BEC will give the upgrade!!

TACO-RC F4 Flight Controller
T-motor F55A PROII
T-motor F60 PRO II 2700KV
Gemfan Hurricane 51466
Foxeer Predator Micro v4
TBS Crossfire Nano Rx



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bhaiterabhai   25 days ago  

FPV drone canopies can be a useful addition or modification to your drone. Canopies are a piece of material fitted over the central pod of a racing drone. They are relatively cheap to manufacture and serve a variety of functions depending on their design and material. In this article, I will discuss a few variations of FPV drone canopies and go through the process of designing and manufacturing one.

qweere   Nov 14, 2019  
Pylot818   Aug 12, 2019  

Would you happen to have the JS-1 canopy .stl file available? ...or model so that I could print my own canopy? Pretty please? Thanks!

Jodie Froster   Jul 22, 2019  

JEEEEZ MAAAN that is SO unbeliavably cool. I have been imagining designing a FC, how did you get the vocabulary of components to be able to design that? I really want to know what all the components on the surface of my boards are. I learned what the gyro chip was because I just had to know what it looked like, and then I had to learn what the osd chip looked like, for shopping. Next was the current meter, linear resistors, capacitors, then after a few more the info dried up. I don't know where to go next to find out what the rest of the parts are/do?
That modular FC is blowing my brain into confetti right now.
Challenge: make one with all 4 esc's on it, that you can swap individual ESC's the same way your modules work. I know having the parts you chose be modular is enormously practical, and you might have to build them into the board to make the ESC's modular. I also know you might be able to make it work.
Maybe a 2 board setup?
Maybe you have the FC and Rx on one (since it's already done...), and the 4n1 modular with the vtx on the back on the other?
One single big ass connector cable
I assume you have already considered putting the vTx on the FC, is that in the works, or have you decided against it? Is that the empty spot on the FC on the side with the Rx and the processor?

wklee.fpv   Jul 26, 2019 

Hi, I recommended the dronemesh youtube channel. He explained how he designed his FC and ESC. Probably you will get more idea what components you need for each module (OSD, GYRO, BEC).

wklee.fpv   Jul 26, 2019 

For racing, putting rx and vtx on the same board may not be a problem. but for long range, it is not a good idea to put them on the same board.
The empty spot is the GYRO module!!

Jodie Froster   Jul 27, 2019 

I love the Rx mounted to the FC like all the other modules. Feels like it belongs there.

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