1s Racer, Toothpick Class, 33g, 55mm props

By nitram509 on Jul 21, 2019

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My first Toothpick class drone.

Goals: indoor flyable, using 1s Batteries, no HD, suitable for acro/freestyle flying.


  • 0804 12000 KV motors
  • 100mm wheelspan
  • 33 g dry weight
  • 55m 2-blade props
  • Crazybee F4 pro v2 AIO FC and ESC and FrSky receiver

The frame is a 100mm carbon frame, 1.6mm thick, which is actually build for 8520 brushed motors. I used some two component epoxy to fill the wholes completely and drilled the required m2 wholes afterwards into the epoxy. This worked like a charm. Just some minor bumps are left on the bottom of the frame, as you can see in the images. To avoid the motors are mounted with a little slope/angle, I used sticky tape at one side of the frame to make a flat surface for the epoxy.



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LWP_Quad   Jul 31, 2019  

Nice job. That is a work of art. The ultralight stuff is just too cool.

Jodie Froster   Jul 21, 2019  

She looks super clean, and super lean!
How is the epoxy motor mount holding up?
How has that screw in the back done for you (as far as staying in, flight after flight)?
I applaud your material choices, so well thought out, and SO well exicuted.

nitram509   Jul 21, 2019 

Hi, thank you for the flowers.

The epoxy holds up super good. So far I just had wall and chair crashs at medium speed.
If you look closely, the screws and the motor bottom mount have ca. 1mm overlap with the carbon.
My thesis is, that the epoxy just holds 30% of the forces but the carbon the major 70% part (hint: thesis!).
In this line of thoughts, the epoxy does strengthen the carbon a bit and ensures the screwes don't move.

You had a very good catch of the screw in the back...
I have to admit it looks a little odd, but never moved a micron so far.
I did use titanium m2 screws (all screws), fixed with a nylon nut.
That feels rock solid and as said, never moved a micron so far.


Jodie Froster   Jul 22, 2019 

I keep running into situations in suuuuper light builds where stuff just "stays there" despite the g-forces and vibration of multirotor flight. They still suprise me.

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