Whirlygig 2" Version 2

By 1Smug_Bastard on Jul 26, 2019

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Continued evolution of the Whirlygig frame.
Weight (as shown) : 62 Grams with Props, Camera and Batteries. Could lose maybe 2-4 grams from it if i used shorter receiver antennas and trimed the wiring a bit more.

Update 8-1-2019: figured out why the BetaFPV FC wasn't working and made a quick video of the first flight since the rebuild:

Obviously this still needs allot of tuning work but hey, i did the rebuild in just a few hours time. Gota fly out to Houston tomorrow so I'm glad this worked out. Espcially considering that i realized after the flight, that the PID loop was set to .4 Hz !



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1Smug_Bastard   9 days ago  

After i get back from Houston, i plan on fully tuning this Tri for my son. (Dont have my gear with me currently)

Should everything go well, I may create a 2S bicopter version that uses 3" props. The ducts will be altered to act as Ductwings. Thus allowing the duct to provide lift from only one side as the copter is in forward flight. (front facing edge will have an aero-lip, while the rest will not) This will allow better stability in forward flight as well as provide additional lift. Only issue I am having thus far is finding 3", two bladed, stubnosed props. Those would be the most efficient while keeping the duct clearances as tight as possible. Could use 3 bladed props but the flight time and current draw wouldnt be quite as good.

Side note: I've picked up some Fatshark HDO's / Rapidfire while here saving me 300-400 with respect to EU prices. Should have onboard recording if i remember correctly.

StickyRice   22 days ago  

WE NEED FLIGHT VIDEOS!! dudee thats still makes me widen my eyes because its soo cool!!!

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fovea   22 days ago 

i like dvrs aswell, quality isnt important for me. flightabilities of your tiny tricopter would be visable aswell in a bad dvr. if you could post one, when its in the air again, it would be very nice!

sadly boardquality destroy the fun for the moment :-(

thanks for share your very nice build!

1Smug_Bastard   22 days ago 

Yeah for the moment at least, i am having a bad run of luck with the gear. To be honnest, the Tinywhoop FC's have been disapointing, both in their avalibility and in their reliability.

Here i was hoping to run this in Houston and have my brother record for me. Would of flown it in the Dominican Republic too as that is our next stop, Guess there is too much going of this week and it just figures that i cant have my cake and eat it too.

1Smug_Bastard   17 days ago 

video added.

StickyRice   22 days ago  

Hey dude, so you kinda inspired me and i kind ahave some spare parts from my 3". I also modified the broken frame to only have 2 front arms and ill make somekind of servo holder and motor mount for the back. Got any tips for anything software and hardware related?

1Smug_Bastard   22 days ago 

Watch the older tricopter setup videos made by David Winstal. They go into good detail about whats required and how to setup the copter.

1Smug_Bastard   17 days ago 

Video added.

xanuser   21 days ago  

So cool!

(dotn care how bad it is)

1Smug_Bastard   17 days ago 

After fixing it, made a shitty video with a piss poor tune. Enjoy!

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