Colugo - Tree Hugger

By TMac on Jul 26, 2019

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Built with the FlexR Colugo Frame and the Caddx Tarsier dual FPV & HD Camera! Superman 1404 motors for efficency and smooth flight.
FlexRC Colugo - Flying lemurs have a deceptive name. Also called colugos, these small, furry tree-dwellers can’t technically fly, and they’re not technically lemurs. ... WEBBED FEET The flying lemur’s webbed feet help it glide, and its strong claws aid in gripping tree trunks.
Caddx Tarsier - Tarsiers are vertical clingers and climbers — and jumpers. They can jump 40 times their body length, flying over 16 feet in a single leap.
Hit some Tree Gaps anyone?!?



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