RotorX Ultrafox Long Ranger

By bensonk on Jul 27, 2019

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This is the RotorX Ultrafox, a 7" version of the RotorX Atomic Fox. An incredibly reliable workhorse for me, and ridiculously fun to fly, it's a blast on 4S with 7" props, or 5S with 6" props. I've flown it out 6km+ completely comfortably.



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PlaceX   Jul 03, 2020  

nice man. i just picked up one of these but i need to source print files for the canopy.

bensonk   Jul 04, 2020 

Nice! Reach out to @fancyfuchs on instagram, I think he can hook you up, since he designed it.

SpikeDiesel   Aug 02, 2019  

Nice footy man ;) & shit those arms / plate are thick

bensonk   Aug 03, 2019 

Thanks! And yeah, it's strong enough to fly really well, while still flying for a good 20 minutes of easy cruising on a 4S 5200.

ThumbzFPV   Aug 02, 2019  

How do I buy one of these frames?

bensonk   Aug 03, 2019 

Lemme work on that for you. :)

steven   Jul 27, 2019  

Could you release some flight footage please?

bensonk   Jul 29, 2019 

Most of my youtube channel is this.

A couple of good examples:

steven   Jul 29, 2019 


FPVisioning   Jul 27, 2019  

What VTX?

bensonk   Jul 29, 2019 

FPVision, built into the powercube.

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