Dave_C Calimero Meets QSD ARX-R

By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Aug 01, 2019

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So this is a Dave_C Calimero frame I had printed professionally in white nylon (I didn't know I was getting white). It is strong as all get out. I was going to make a toothpick, but I am speed crazy (you can tell by all my ARX-R's). I also have a lot of "weird" FPV parts in my bin, one of which was this black 20MM Quad Star Drones ARX-R canopy. I am the guy who made the "QSD ARX-R meets Dave_C ARS-5", and that is a flying drone. It is not for prototype or presentation, it loves to fly. The combination of an ARX-R canopy on a star frame this lite will require the props to spin hard (the angle is pretty high when the camera is level to the ground), and so I didn't think 1103's would be right for this build (and this is the only reason that this was not my 7th quad built with Hyperlites). I instead got these XRotor's for this little bird. The 1106 XRotor is just about as fast as the R3 1106's which are about 40% more expensive. With a (cheap as all hell) HakRC ESC and a Matek 20MM F411 (... on a micro? Yes!) this micro ARS-"2" + ARX-R is made for a great little session. I only recently found out about the HQ 2x2.5x3 props. They are what I have been searching for quite a while (non-toy 2" prop), but in the meantime these Emax Avan's are blowing my mind. I have never been a big fan of anything Emax, but I do gotta say they rock.

So how does this thing fly? It is very much the thrustiness of my big ARX's (and the ARS-5/ARX-R hybrid) with the invulnerable feeling of a micro. It is actually really fast and I have not hit past 50-60% throttle. I'll likely have to scale it a little (probably to 70-75). This is one of those mad scientist builds that had no plan and 100% was supposed to be the most average and non-custom version of a quad. As one of my favorite scenic painters would to say: all the happy little accidents along the way made this one what it is.

Props and mad love to these two engineers I constantly obsess over. You guys are making the hobby a fantastic place to be.



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P0operMcWank   15 days ago  

It kind of looks like a black guinea pig I used to have. I let her run around the house but she wasnt that smart and drank some turpentine I left out. Needless to say she choked on her own vomit and died. Makes me think I should have done the dead cat thing.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   15 days ago 

I.... would send that at least a few times! I'm having "Toonces" flashbacks.

Dave_C FPV   17 days ago  

Thanks HK-AERIAL VOTL! You always manage to surprise me! Would have never thought of that combo.
Really cool that it worked out well. Awsome little speed machine!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   17 days ago 

I absolutely LOVE it. I swear i did try to go "toothpick" but my lust to go fast gets the better of me a lot of times. You and Ryan are seriously pushing the limits of the craft, and so combining your designs is a true enjoyment for a builder like myself. You two have made my sophmore summer a real treat.

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