iFlight XL5 v4

By Callisto on Jul 30, 2019

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Vertical immortal T antenna mount R9 with Dual cameras - Micro Eagle updated to (Lumenier white edition) main cam and Caddx EOS2 ventral cam.
Lumenier F7 flight controller
Motors are 2400kv not the 1750kv in the link, 4s build.
And the frame from iflight-rc.com



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nic4wtf   Aug 17, 2019  

Awesome 3d printed parts design!

Are you using TPU for the parts?

Callisto   Aug 17, 2019 

So far Ive just used PLA, but have been thinking of getting TPU for a few weeks now. Just have to design some new extruder parts first.

DrippsFPV   Aug 08, 2019  

Also try running the lipo toilet tank I prefer it and you may really like it.

Callisto   Aug 08, 2019 

Will do, saw that from Wild Willie's YouTube a while back.

DrippsFPV   Aug 08, 2019  

Where did you get those mounts? Also how does the frame stand up to crashes or gyro noise

Callisto   Aug 08, 2019 

I got a 3d printer in march and learned fusion 360 as fast as I could. designed all the mounts and printed them. No crash yet only had the chance to fly it twice so far. The previous v3 frame cracked at the motor mount but this one has a little more material between the edge of the arm and the motor screw hole (so hopefully it's better, and I used some washers with the motor screws so they don't pull through the carbon). There was quite a bit of noise at first with the 4in1 esc, but 2 capacitors and a 12v reg for the vtx and its all gone.

StickyRice   Aug 04, 2019  

Hey atleast if youre doing a backward manuever, you can switch to that belly cam and see the horizon instead of the sky right? this article legit caught my eye hahaha

Callisto   Aug 07, 2019 

It's been a little disorienting switching cameras maybe because when switching camera the video rolls one frame, so I only really switch when I get up pretty high. I'd crash if I did that for sure. My other quad had a servo to move the camera up and down but this build there's really no room for it.

thegreen4me   Aug 06, 2019  

how do you have the two cameras wired to the vtx? a mechanical switch with a servo or something better?

Callisto   Aug 07, 2019 

Lumenier F7 fc has 2 camera inputs that you can assign to a switch, and you can switch the vtx on and off as well. Just had to add acapacitor and a 12v regulator for the vtx, to clean up the noise.

kabon   Aug 06, 2019  

It could film some 3D clips without those annoying upside down camera feed!

Jodie Froster   Jul 31, 2019  

Belly cam is neat!

mayan_hawk   Jul 31, 2019  

Great build, never thought to use dual cams like that... what do you intend the ventral cam to do?

Callisto   Jul 31, 2019 

Not sure, just for being able to look down while flying slowly, easier landing but mostly just for fun and there was a cutout in the frame already. Also when camera 2 activates it automatically switches it into angle mode so I don't get thrown off and crash. Thought that was a good idea.

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