By 00jferna on Aug 11, 2019

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Got it built only to find one of the motors doesn't turn. Only twitches, all others turn perfectly. Going to resolder, and if that doesn't fix it I'll replace all 4.

9/12/2019: Turned out to be a bad ESC and motor. Rebuilt with a iFlight Succex Nano and the same motor only twitched.  Replaced all 4 motors with Xrotor 1105's.

9/30/2019: Finally got it flying, but had to replace the BetaFPV 1200TVL with a Runcam Nano 2. Flys great on 3S 300mah.



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ced_51   Oct 03, 2019  

Hi, were you able to set IRC Tramp on your FC with your Eachine Nano VTX? I am getting issue with it yet, on same stack / eachine nano vtx...

00jferna   Oct 03, 2019 

Sorry, never wired it up. The ESC issue stopped the build cold. I then switched to the iFlight stack with VTX included

MrElevator   Aug 12, 2019  

Have you checked your motors turning problem is actually the motor, not a blown esc?

00jferna   Aug 12, 2019 

Sure enough, it was the ESC. Tried a different motor and same twitching.

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