Jyuu-go Sanchez Toothpick 3"

By irmanhilmi on Aug 02, 2019

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I initially wanted a 3" ultralight LR build, but due to the limitations of the FC (not enough UARTS), it will remain a micro freestyle quad for now.I wanted a 3" toothpick, and this frame was an obvious choice. A not-so-easy build, due to the 16x16 stack size, and the creativity involved to stuff everything under the pod. I wouldn't recommend ths build to beginners.

Some issues with this build:
USB port won't be easily accessible since the standoffs are in the way.
FC can only support SBUS for Crossfire, meaning that you will lose all telemetry control for LUA Scripts. RSSI/LQ is still available though.
VTX will get really, really hot.

Now to tune it out and make it fly like a mini quad. Purposely chose the parts to actually add some weight to the build, which means this is 160g AUW with 4s 450mah. The intention is that the weight adds a bit more hangtime, to almost 5"-like qualities. Loving it.



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cohesivereality   Aug 11, 2019  

If you have a Tbs Nano 32 you can run the smart audio to Channel 4 on the xfire nano. That frees up TX2 and then you can reassign PPM to RX2. I'm doing a similar build but haven't tested it yet. I also could be completely wrong as this is my first build but this is my theory/understanding for what its worth.

irmanhilmi   Aug 13, 2019 

interesting. i don't see any reason why it shouldnt work.

facewizard13   Aug 11, 2019  

2 different vtx antennae in pics. which one did you decide to go with?

irmanhilmi   Aug 13, 2019 

i went with the Micro AXII

Dave_C FPV   Aug 02, 2019  

Really nice!

irmanhilmi   Aug 02, 2019 

Thanks. It's a hefty one!

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