By Dave_C FPV on Aug 02, 2019

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I'm not much of a freestyle pilot but I felt like I need at least one decent freestyle rig in my fleet.
Browsing through good old Banggood I found this super sexy Skystars frame and the Flywoo gold combo and just had to have it.
Jusually I'm not a fan of expensive "bling bling" components and prefer cheap "best value for money" since everything get smashed anyways. But since this quad will be used rarely and mostly for relaxed cruising I didn't mind the extra bling. The build was a walk in the park. It's been a while since I used a frame with that much space! :-D
I chose the Airbot F7 FC because all the components are on the top and it has a fully flat underside. That made it easy to mount it underneath the ESC.
Clearly not the most practical thing to put the FC underneath the ESC but I just had to do it because the ESC looks so good!
Anyways, I made a video discussing my build in details and including some flight footage that I'll put in the comments...



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StickyRice   Aug 13, 2019  

Dude, thats literally flying GOLDD. LOOKS AMAZING!!

SpikeDiesel   Aug 05, 2019  

I like gooooooollld lol  ur done for buddy, once ya fly top mount freestyle ;)

StickyRice   Aug 13, 2019 

top mount for the win!!!

Leito_nK   Aug 04, 2019  

Your builds as always like subject of art!
ps. I couldn't find any gopro 7 mount for this frame, but want to built it so much!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Aug 03, 2019  

Wow Dave... you make a dang nice "straight quad".
Well... I got 2 of my 3 "Dave_C Star Quads" built... now it's on to the Asterix (I'm really feeling an "HGLRC" showcase kinda thing... I gotta spare FD445. If I got some of those 6S 1408's and put 'em in that I think it'd scream). I guess it would only make sense to order another canopy from Ryan, eh (lol)? I'm building my 4th ARX-R right now ( and I got that new top of the line Talon Gigafusion dual F7 stack (oh yeah I did!) so I have to get through that one first (busy summer).

Dave_C FPV   Aug 04, 2019 

Sounds nice! Really looking foreward to see some more posts :-)

Jodie Froster   Aug 02, 2019  

I built one of these. Was the best looking freestyle build I ever did. Had a full destruction crash into concrete. Made me so sad I haven't rebuilt it. maybe i'll post so you can compare...
Side note: I thought this would be my first build where I could add a set screw to my camera so when I crash it wouldn't slam down flat and require me to reset the angle/worry about stripping the screw holes in my cam housing BUT the slots are cut wrong so it doesn't work!!?!?!?!?
So dissapoint. Small price to pay, I love the arm shape (though I totalled 4 arms in one crash, so that kind of diminishes my affection) and the general sleek look/shape of the whole frame.
My camera plates took a signifigant amount of filing to even fit, but I used a mini camera. Did you experience any of that?

Dave_C FPV   Aug 02, 2019  

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