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By M490fpv on Aug 17, 2019

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Had to test the new badger frame, since i have built almost all armattan freestyle frames.
On this build, I will also test the new DJI digital fpv system.
I draw a special mount to DJI air unit. to be able to mount the esc nicely, I draw a mount, that moves the 2stack 9mm towards the front. This mount also includes a place for 10mm diameter capacitor.
Antennas are mounted to special mount, that is held in place by rear standoffs.


Part List


Badger (9 builds)

Flight Controller

AIKON F4 Mini 20x20 Flight Controller with OSD (13 builds)


Aikon AK32PIN 4-in-1 35A 6S 20x20 (39 builds)


4 x TOA 2306 SERIES | Best Innovative Racing Drone Company - KAREAREA DRONE (2 builds)
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FPV Camera

DJI Digital HD FPV Camera (23 builds)

FPV Transmitter

DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit Module (24 builds)
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madmax1962   Oct 09, 2019  

Great build, Q: were the printed shark gills on the DJI modual designed for cooling? That modual gets very hot at 700mw it would be a great upgrade if it did....still hands down one of the best builds that ive seen on here.

Jodie Froster   Aug 17, 2019  

Sweet rig bruh. I like your prints, the shark gills are a nice touch. The stack adapter+cap mount is sexy, how does she fly? Could you ditch some weight in the antenna mount, it looks so beefy?

M490fpv   Aug 17, 2019 

Thanks! No flights yet, maiden tomorrow. the antenna mount is actually very light, since it is totally hollow. there are 9mm holes through the tubes to make the 90degree mmcx connector go through. 👍

LarryTru   Sep 03, 2019 

Did you get to maiden it? If so, how as it? Are the props in view at all?

M490fpv   Sep 03, 2019 

It flies great! 😊 First i had the cam too far back, so cam cage was in yhe pic. Luckily the cam attachment bars could be moved forward enough to hide the cage. Props are not in view.

Vietnow   Aug 28, 2019  

what's the weight on it

M490fpv   Aug 28, 2019 

415g without battery but all other things on.

Vietnow   Aug 29, 2019 

how does it fly?

adroc   Aug 28, 2019  

Do you know if the air unit would fit in the Badger with a 30x30 FC?

M490fpv   Aug 28, 2019 

some have done it, but they had to move the stack forward. I've seen someone drilling new holes to bottom plate.

mariniam   Aug 26, 2019  

Best build I have seen to date utilizing the Dji digital fpv system!
Can I ask why is the battery cable that long?

M490fpv   Aug 26, 2019 

Thank you! the battery cable is this long so i can secure it with strap. I have cut some cables in crashes, so want to be sure.

SirUlrich   Aug 23, 2019  

This is awesome, super clean and I'm really jealous! I hear you will make the prints available. Rad!
The only thing I would change is maybe the antenna. You're great a designing 3d, maybe make a mount that would allow the flexible MMCX to curve inside the mount to shorten their length and come closer to the frame so they'r not the first thing to hit on a rear-facing crash

M490fpv   Aug 23, 2019 

Thank you very much for your kind words!
I can do a shorter antenna tubes, these are for stock antennas. Also a sma version to come... 😊👍
I just need to find some time behind the screen.

Cobabe   Aug 23, 2019  

rad! thabks for sharing.

FlinchFpv   Aug 20, 2019  

Would you be willing to make a print that will move a 30x30 fc forward for a marmotte?

plibt   Aug 18, 2019  

Wow! Fantastic planning and execution.

M490fpv   Aug 18, 2019 

Thank you! 😊

Vietnow   Aug 17, 2019  

very cool, will you be selling it? do you sell any of the 3d prints? looks awesome.

M490fpv   Aug 18, 2019 

I will put all tpu parts stl's to thingiverse, so they are free. 😊

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