Bando Racers Wee-Mix

By BandoRacers on Aug 03, 2019

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So I've been designing frames for a couple of years. A few of them can be seen in here from other members. The toothpick phonomenon hit the micro scene but all the frames out there were essentially the same overall design. So I wanted to make something that's not been done yet, or at least in this weight class so I hit the drawing board.

I took inspiration from Tommy's "Ummagwad Remix". Due to the complexity of the frame assembly it was never going to be a toothpick in weight. It's not just one bit of carbon. So it's more a superlight micro than anything.

The main plate has been through 2 renditions (3 of you count the og that never got cut) and the rest is now on its 3rd.
Alt Tag

The main plate had always been able to accept the whoop fc, 16x16 and 20x20 fc's.
As for motors, originally happymodel motors. And both m2 9mm 3 and 4hole mount motors. The v1 plate was going to be in 2 options the 3hole and 4hole motors. The final plate only comes with m2 3 and 4hole as the happymodel motors are just not durable enough for open props, on the same plate. Also the whoop fc mounting was reduced to 2 screws only. Which when used with steel screws is more than secure enough.

So the final version accepts
Whoop, 16x16 and 20x20 fc
M2 9mm x3 and m2 9mm x4
14mm camera
2mm thick.

The cage is the last major change to the frame. Originally it used 4 steel screws that held everything together. But not only was this ugly and hard to work/build on it was also heavy. Alt Tag
Alt Tag
Pics:Darren Maggs.

Then the V2 came. Slimmed down the main plate and developed the bottom plate with independent standoffs. This made the frame easier to build. Stronger and actually a bit lighter. But was still a bit of a pain to do maintenance. Alt Tag

And then that was it. If we gonna base it on the Remix then hell why not have the swinging cage. A little head scratching later and it was reality. It's still as strong but the tpu mounts actually have a little flex with the cage so gives a little absorption in crashes, but doesn't flex enough to hit any components inside. It turns out fractionally lighter and hella easy to work on! Alt Tag

So my current build with diatone mamba 16x16 stack, og unify nano and og runcam nano, frsky xm+ and geprc 1103 motors. Its just shy of 60g dry. Not toothpick weight, but let's be real a frame like this is never gonna be. The bonus being (albeit limited lipo size) it can fit 3" props.

And if you really wanted to save weight, there's also a canooy available to run the frame in "toothpick-esk" style which can fit 3" props and bottom lipo mount so no size restrictions. And yes this canopy was around before the iflight one... Alt Tag

I'm no Bob Roogi or Drew Camden so my flying isn't impressive.  And I'm not skilled enough to argue the benefits of weight distribution, but I do know if flys really nice. It's confidence givingly stable and it just does what I want it too. You can find some of my poor efforts of flying here...

Big shout out to Tommy Tibajia
Darren Maggs for the printing prototype work and Mike Mccutchen for cutting the carbon.
As well as other testers, Jason Chow and Tony Pert.
Brent Goudie for his amazing artwork.

So I give you the Wee-Mix...  (available at Rotoriousfpv soon)

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Part List

Flight Controller

MAMBA STACK F411 /134 Dshot600 4S NANO (17 builds)


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UpMostBeast FPV   Aug 04, 2019  

what's the dry frame weight with hardware and tpu?

BandoRacers   Aug 04, 2019 

Around 17g  give or take 0.5g

F2GD   Aug 04, 2019  

Can you guys post the side plates on thingiverse, I want to see what a immortal T mount on those would look like (pressure fit), all i can find are the ones to make it like a normal frame again

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BandoRacers   Aug 04, 2019 

Yeah I see what your saying though tbh it's not really an issue. Least not that I've encountered. Certainly no more than any other quad when landing with airmode

BandoRacers   Aug 04, 2019 

Also an issue I've just spotted is the standoff and cam clearance would be in the way

F2GD   Aug 04, 2019 

I was thinking of running the front motors inverted, so its also more for peace of mind that in between putting goggles on and arming it doesnt topple over

Rice_Bowl   Aug 04, 2019  

it might be too late but what if you tried placing the esc and fc side by side instead of a stack? it seems like you have the space. I tried making a tiny remix once and that was the original plan. Just didnt have the time or the money to get parts cut. Just an idea!!

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F2GD   Aug 04, 2019 

yeah i like split stacks too, makes everything nice and low and it would still be useful for having fc esc on one and vtx/rx on the other.

BandoRacers   Aug 04, 2019 

It's already in process of going into production. But is a cable joined stack becomes available the. I'll look into it. As it is. You can easily fit a triple stack  and there's room for rx at the front. Also the stack mounting also offer for lipo mount options as it's relatively central

F2GD   Aug 04, 2019 

Ah bugger. If it wasnt what you could do is keep the 20x20 where it is and make 2 16x16 stacks. the lipo holder could use 2 from each of those stacks to hold on (10x16 instead). not ideal but possible

Rice_Bowl   Aug 04, 2019  

DUDEE THATS SICK!!! i hope tommy sees this!! Gotta love the passion dude!

BandoRacers   Aug 04, 2019 

Lol yeah Tommy fly on board since the beginning. 😍

ghostface   Aug 03, 2019  

Super awesome build! Loving it!

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