QAV210 The Mutant

By dbasch on Jan 08, 2017

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It's been raining for the past few days, so I decided to build some quads using miscellaneous parts that I have around. I have a bunch of qav frames and I love the way it flies, so this is the one I built first. I tried to make it as clean as I could, because I'm probably not going to keep this quad and I don't want the future owner to think I'm an impatient bastard who likes to take shortcuts so he can fly now and make future me worry about my sloppiness. I've only flown it to tune it, here's the last of the tuning flights.

2/25/2017 update: I upgraded the motors to (used to be Sunnysky 2204, now T-Motor F60) and ESCs (formerly XM20A, now Speedix 30A). This quad is now a beast and I'm keeping it.



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skaterluca1   Jan 09, 2017  

I love this build and want to do it, but a lot of the parts are sold out. Can I have the links to someother parts that will work that are in stock. Also can I have the link to the 3d printed GoPro session files?

Whiffles   Jan 08, 2017  

I wish I had spare quads worth of parts just lying around :)

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