Lightweight 6S Hyperlite Glide

By CiggyTardust on Sep 05, 2019

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My latest build is inspired by KababFPV. The aim is to go with a lighter 6S build to see how much that impacts flight performance. While I usually take my time making the build as clean and neat as possible, this time I decided to take a different approach by going for a convenient layout that is easy to repair/upgrade/change up as needed. I do think I'll eventually clean up the wiring between the FC and the VTX, but for now it's fine. First impressions after taking it out for a few packs? The true X formation of the Glide frame definitely handles differently than the Marmotte... and for the most part I'd say it's an improvement. However, I'm not sure I like the 2306 motors as much as the 2208s. The throttle curve isn't as linear or as powerful... the 2306 is gentler and more "cushiony" while the 2208 is just raw, ridiculous torque. I've sent my GoPro Session away for repairs so it will be a while before I can get some decent HD footage, but I will update with further thoughts as I get more flight time. I also picked up some Tattu R-Line 1050mah 6S packs which are nearly 20 grams lighter than the 1100mah GNB packs I'd been using previously.

One thing you'll see in the build photos: I started with a cheap 200mw HGLRC VTX that was lightweight and functional, but video signal quality was poor so I switched it out for a Rush Tank Mini and the difference is night and day. Really clear video and excellent range/penetration. I think I'll probably stick with Rush VTXs from now on.



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KryptoSteel24   30 days ago  

2306 over 2208 any day for me :D

CiggyTardust   29 days ago 

That's surprising to me. May I ask why? I will say my 2208 setup (with BHeliS) only gets around 4 minutes in the air and the 2306 setup (with BLHeli32) gets 6-7 minutes however I attributed that difference in efficiency mostly to the auto-timing that BLHeli32 allows rather than the difference in motor size.

LaminairFPV   Sep 07, 2019  

Very nice mate. Dont suppose you know the dry weight? Im gonna build a light weight next and really like the look of this. What do u think to the mamba mini F722? Does it do ok with those motors?

CiggyTardust   Sep 07, 2019 

Thanks! Dry weight (without GoPro mount but with props on) is 351 grams. I'm loving the Mini Mamba stack... I was able to turn on auto timing and 48 khz PWM frequency and the efficiency is unbelievable compared to my F4 Mamba build. Several times I've had to land to double-check that the voltage readout on OSD was accurate because I kept getting in excess of 6-7 minutes per 1050mah pack whereas I get 3-4 minutes on my F4 Marmotte build (not exactly apples to oranges as the Marmotte runs 2208 motors but still... I've never seen efficiency like this with any build). As for amps, the F722s Mini handles it just fine, I don't get anywhere near testing its limit in regular flight.

LaminairFPV   Sep 09, 2019 

Yeah that's pretty light for fully kitted out 6S machine with 2306's. That frame looks slick too. I have a 5" LDARC GT200 that weighs in at 210g but it's old, only 4S and flies like crap now as the noise profile is crazy high. When it was new it was so nice to fly though and I could get 6-8 mins full on freestyle with a 1300mah.

miromir237   Sep 06, 2019  

Pretty clean looking to me.

CiggyTardust   Sep 06, 2019 

Thanks man! Loose wires make my eyelid twitch ;)

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