Once a Lizard now a Toothpick

By OzFPV on Aug 06, 2019

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I picked up a slightly used Lizard95 from a friend for a good deal. I've been craving a toothpick style build. So I decided to see if I can make this Lizard95 more toothpick like. Took the guts of the Lizard, 3D printed the awesome Calimero frame, pod from the Calimero HD, and we end up with a 76g ( +10g from the stock Lizard95 ) that can run a 2.5" prop on 3s. The performance does not disappoint.



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HK-AERIAL VTOL   Aug 08, 2019  

OH SNAP! I thought I'd be the only one with a white Calimero! Now we are brothers (maybe not... but still cool...)!

Primer_FPV   Aug 07, 2019  

Dave's designs are great. We are lucky to have him. I've been bashing up this frame with the same motors as you for a couple of months. Haven't broken a frame yet.

OzFPV   Aug 07, 2019 

He has some really great designs. It's awesome that I can print a frame in PLA that will hold up well to the abuse.

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