The "Good Enough For a Week" Build

By thumbtwiddler on Aug 09, 2019

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most of these parts are either pretty crappy knockoffs or outdated, at some point I'll make another build which would actually be worthwhile to copy, which should be sourced mainly from original product manufacturers or would just be flatout more relevant

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Every year or so, my family and I drive all the way to southern California to chill with some more family, and I've began a habit of dragging all my quad stuff with me along the way. My biggest issue with quads is the fact that they just cost so much, and with me being on the younger side of the hobby, parts are a little tough to come by. My initial idea was to build up a nice 4s "juicy" Johnnyfpv/Vanover style freestyler (that Vannystyle is getting me pretty hyped btw) with a Skitzo edition Revolt I got for like $32 USD on the flitetest store.

And this is where the first issue came up.

After my first racerstar 4in1 blew up I got some other random 20 amp 4in1 off of amazon for about 20 bucks. I was proud of myself because I thought it was such a steal, but lo and behold, I only found out then, when my complete quad was built up and I was sitting there in the flightone configurator, that the darn thing ran dshot150. There's probably some solution, but the clock was ticking and Flightone didn't really feel like working with me so I just called it quits.

I had an old set of racerstar 30 amps (as seen on squishy, rest in pieces), so I decided to use those in hopes that it'd work. It did!... For like 3 batteries. When I did a motor spinup at one point, one of them sparked due to some lousy insulation-work which left me with another ESC problem. At that point, I just gave up on that endeavor and ended up using my old SPRacing F3 Evo (also seen on squishy, rest in pieces) and combo'd it with that weird nameless 4in1 ESC running dshot150.
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That's pretty much the gist of the quad itself, now lets talk about the fun stuff.

The quad itself was great in theory, but the components just weren't really cutting it. Due to a combination of both a lack of tuning and the use of really redneck-ey mounting techniques, the quad was really shaky and was incredibly unpredictable. I also sort of learned the hard way that I need to pack extra battery straps, my Session is currently strapped down with some electrical tape. It still holds up, but it's definitely due for some repairs pretty soon.
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BTW if anybody has any spare parts or wants a team pilot or something just hmu ;0)



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P0operMcWank   Aug 09, 2019  

That build should last longer than a week. Those gold teeth won't. Tungsten carbide teeth will last a really long time but you have to be careful with drastic temperature changes. I can't drink slushees while eating hot things like lamb or porridge. I like my food hot because thats the kind of guy I am.

Espero escuchar de tu boc   Apr 03, 2020 

guau que tipo de persona?

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