twiZted Tyro 129

By kwadkenstine on Aug 11, 2019

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Could not just build it the way it was intended now could I.
137kph according to the gps , prolly go a bit faster , wasnt really trying for a speed run , just what i hit in the back yard.
Verry quiet compaired to a 5 inch.
EEEeasy build.
I put a bunch of packs thru this today , Loved how quiet it is , still gets a bit washy if i back it into its own wake , but over all its good nika.



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Jodie Froster   Aug 11, 2019  

First of all: No. Of course you couldn't.
....but did you? Did you build it normal, crash it before you took pictures, then rebuild it like that?
;) ;)
(I'm kidding, I can see that it hasn't been horribly wrecked)
The frame looks a lot better in that z configuration you like so much, it really looks cool now.
What happened with the motor wires in the back that made you bunch them up on the arm like that? Did you just not want to cut down the extensions you added?
I dig the lil aluminum spacers you used between the bottom plates, and I can see that you left them the way that they are for style. I want you to lean further into that part of the design. My thinking would be: either cut them down as small as they can reasonably be while still functioning as a spacer OR carve them into a cool shape. They have an "uncut two by four" look to them the way they are now. I don't hate it, but it looks unfinished to me, the way that they are just waiting for a wonkey landing to get bent and look janky 'cause they don't match any more.
Your fleet is looking strong!
I like the 3d printed sculls with the mowhawks on the sides of your camera plates, it' on one of your background kwerds. I would tell you which one im talking about somehow, but the post you made when you first built it doesn't have a frame listed, so I can't really tell you which one it is...
Maybe that's old news for you, I went back and looked at it in your origional post, and it's even cooler with the lights on!

kwadkenstine   Aug 11, 2019 

Correct about motor wires .
The spacers i cut with a bandsaw , so 2 x 4 rufcut lumber is apt. they will be handy to mount stuff on.
Glowey skull thing, i didnt list the frame because there is not enough of one frame to name it . it was another bucket build and the skulls are hand made from 10mm polycarbonate.
I love the word WONKEY , use it a lot myself

Jodie Froster   Aug 11, 2019 

I did notice that the glowey skull quad had arms for sideplates...
I'm impressed that you carved those by hand, they look really cool

fovea   Aug 11, 2019  

nice! allways inovative!
what is the weight of it, or what weight difference does it have to the normal tyro frame?

kwadkenstine   Aug 11, 2019 

440g without battery , dont know hm fatter it is than std .
Cheap but everything worked so far (do not use the supplied bolts , they are BAD)

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