By Khoff7 on Aug 11, 2019

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Analog FPV is ruined for me, anyone want to buy a marmotte or a reverb?

Open source FR7 with some big motors and HD FPV. Using a taranis and crossfire. 5s for speed, 4s for cruising.

Maiden flight recorded on the air unit. Nothing special, just feeling it out.



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Alibi   Oct 12, 2019  

Nice build! how do you like these motors? Have you found they mitigate the signature bobbles on 7"? Also, did you need to modify (widen) the motor bolt patter to fit the 19x19 of these motors?

Khoff7   Oct 12, 2019 

I still have some bobbles when it's windy but I may need to tune in some more D. Motors bolt right up to the FR7 frame!

mariniam   Sep 23, 2019  

She's so pretty! cat and drone :-)
Nice build! Could you share the 3D print for the double pig tail mount?
I have an iFllight XL8 and hope It will fit, distance looks similar between the two legs.

Khoff7   Sep 23, 2019 

I don't have it on hand but search thingiverse for "fr7" and you'll find it. thanks!

LaminairFPV   Aug 14, 2019  

The cat tho lol 😁 nice build, will be interesting to see how it goes at range.

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Khoff7   Sep 07, 2019 

haha I pushed it a bit. It does about what you would expect from omni antennas and 700mw. I think true long range setups will always be more suited to analog, but it isn't as if this system holds you back from flying some decent mid range.

LaminairFPV   Sep 09, 2019 

Yeah I guess it's not really a long range system. I was hoping it might be though. Have you seen that VAS cyclops antenna system you can get for it? Saw it once but then never heard anything else so not sure what's happening with it.

Khoff7   Sep 09, 2019 

haha I did see a pic of that. I think maybe a set of 4 patch antennas might be worth a try. but that thing is a little large on already semi large goggles.   Sep 03, 2019  

Great looking build. Did you notice much performance difference with the AXII 2s vs the stock DJI antennae? What antennae are you running on the goggles? What kind of flight times are you getting when fliying with the GoPro? Thanks!

Also do the props get in the GoPro shot with this setup, or are they just in the FPV feed?

Also, also: Were you able to get any of the GPS info into the OSD with the DJI system? I thought they only supported battery voltage?   Sep 03, 2019 

Sorry for so many questions, I just really like this setup, and I'm thinking of doing a similar build.

Khoff7   Sep 03, 2019 

I have not tried the stock antennas on the air unit so I can't comment. I am using stock goggle antennas.

About 7 mins flight time.

Slight props in view at 25 degree gopro angle. if I angled back to 35 degrees they would be completely out.

Osd shows me voltage and my timer. also shows video rssi. I use the GPS for rescue mode.   Sep 03, 2019 

Awesome. Thanks for the info!

LarryTru   Aug 29, 2019  

Nice build. No props in the image from the DJI air unit? Did you have to move the FC from its normal location?

Khoff7   Aug 29, 2019 

FC normal location. slight props in view and minimum camera tilt. video shows it if you're curious.

LarryTru   Aug 29, 2019 

sorry, I should have checked the video. Thx for the info.

Khoff7   Aug 30, 2019 

no worries!

fovea   Aug 14, 2019  

this cat know the benefit of longrange antenna x-D nice!

Khoff7   Aug 15, 2019 

haha yes she loves to help out!

MaxGoodrich   Aug 14, 2019  

Nice build bro. What Kv did you choose for those motors? Just about to build my fr7 and trying to figure out what size bh avengers to order. Im looking for crusing /
bombing mountains with decent flight times and the ability to punch out of dives if i get into trouble.. Thanks in advance for answering !!

Khoff7   Aug 14, 2019 

I would go 1700kv unless you run 6s.

IvanNik   Aug 12, 2019  

How did you solve the voltage difference? 5s provides 21, dji needs <= 4s or 16.8

Khoff7   Aug 12, 2019 

Specifically selected this esc which has a 2 amp 10v bec output.

IvanNik   Aug 12, 2019 

Nice, good idea!!!
I know how to build clean 6S HD quad now !!!1

Khoff7   Aug 12, 2019 

yup super easy!

IvanNik   Aug 12, 2019  

Nice cat!! good layout of boards and components!!

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