AlfaRC Apache 5-inch build

By KristofFPV on Aug 12, 2019

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5-inch budget build. Durable, smooth and stable flight.
The frame is AlfaRC Apache 230mm, modeled on GEPRC GEP-KHX5 Elegant. Engines, ESC, FC, camera and VTC are part of the Eachine Tyro109 model. Flysky 8ch receiver. Noname 5040 propellers, supplied with the Tyro109 set.
First of all, the frame is very durable and protects electronics inside. The copter weighs approx. 375g without batteries. I already had some serious accidents with it and survived them without damage, with only bent propellers.
The total cost is around USD 130.



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SpikeDiesel   Oct 07, 2019  

Hey man nice build, but looks like you assembled different than the manufacturer pics, with arms on top,. Would you mind measuring for me the rear area behind the center stack mount? All ways, height width and depth.
I'm trying to fit a Dji Air unit in there with a 30x30 center stack and want something like my remix design.  thanks much

KristofFPV   Oct 08, 2019 

its about 35 mm width, 25 mm height and 38 mm depth.

SpikeDiesel   Oct 08, 2019 

great thanks man, looks like it won't fit in this frame though

Noramas   Sep 11, 2019  

AlfaRC Apache 230mm arms can be bought separately. I'm wandering could AlfaRC arms be used directly with Tyro frame instead of week Tyro arms? Seems holes and distances betwwen holes are the same as Tyro. Only question is- does it fit 5"' props same way after replacement. Could you please compare and send feedback. P.S. Tyro109 arm- distance between first hole on the arm from the center and first motor hole is 90mm. How about AlfaRC Apache 230mm arm? Maybe it's reasonable to buy 6'' arm

KristofFPV   Sep 12, 2019 

I can't compare the distance between the holes in both arms now because I don't have the Tyro99/109 frame anymore. If you want to move the arms, please note that the arms arrangement in Tyro creates a true X pattern, while in the AlfaRC Apache 230mm they extend in width, this is not an ideal X. It may be important in the angles of the notches at the shoulder joint.
As for the opinions about the AlfaRC Apache 230mm frame, I think it is a very durable, well-balanced frame. She survived many serious accidents without any problems. It also gives the option of mounting the arms in the middle or bottom of the frame. Inside there is a lot of space for free arrangement of electronics. I can recommend her.

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