By kwadkenstine on Aug 14, 2019

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Oldschool sp f3. 2 racerstar 20a 4 in 1 esc .
Fiberglass and sticky fingers.
Its being winter here right now so havent flown yet . Coupla days , as Con the fruiterer says (OLD AUSTRALIAN comedian verry un pc)



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Simpson12   4 days ago  

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Jodie Froster   4 days ago  

Fantastic! What did you use for the black parts of the canopy, electrical tape?
Such a cool concept man, really creative!
How much does that fiberglass canopy weigh? I have been wanting to mold a composite canopy for a while now, you are really inspiring me.

kwadkenstine   4 days ago 

The black is spray paint. I mask up the bits i want clean with bits of e tape paint it and peel off the tape then clear coat , if i feel fancy.
Its not my first rodeo , canopys like these are a lot of work ,carbon fibre twill is V V Verry hard to work and expensive compaired to glass. A tip , use small squares triangles and thin strips when laying up , it is easier to apply .
epoxy resin is strongest but stinks like ass polyester resin is more brittle and cheaper. i use poly.
weight in pic

Jodie Froster   4 days ago 

I used to make molds a lot. Metal casting mostly, although sometimes for ceramics. I've been 3d printing my parts for my quads, but dreaming about making a mold for a canopy. I was thinking aluminum, or maybe I would vacuform some transparent polycarbonate, but fiberglass is looking mighty good... I wonder about other woven materials in epoxy, like maybe silk. I wonder how hard that would be... I bet it's crazy durable. What if you made a garment style canopy, and used elastic in some places, and silk in others, but only put resin on the silk parts. Might be crazy light, stretchy to take crashes, and durable where it needs to be. Mounted on some strategic pieces of nylon we might have a real aerodynamic advantage.
I have been a big fan of that skull canopy you made with the kevlar since you posted it. I kiiinda want to make one of those myself... Would you be cool with that?

kwadkenstine   4 days ago 

All cool . Big yess on the use of other materials ,Silk , big yes,
Now Im Inspired

fovea   5 days ago  

hehe nice canopy :-D nice build, thanks for share!
why did you mount the middle motors diffrent, just for a try, or is it for the room to add bigger propsize? is it 3inch?

kwadkenstine   5 days ago 

4 inch. motors inverted to make room for props Its a 5in frame.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   5 days ago  

Oh I absolutely dig it! I really wanna know how that flies! I am threatening to build a really big (still race\freestyle) hex over my winter break (it'll be here sooner than I want it to be). Have you even taken it in the basement\garage to see how it does getting off the ground?

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