Pip Squeak 6S

By MattS on Aug 17, 2019

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AndyRC's review of the Diatone GTR-369 really got me thinking. So, I built my own. Trying to tune this 3" quad is getting the best of me. Things that make tuning a quad difficult: light weight, small props, high voltage/high KV... unfortunately this little 3" is super light weight and running 6S... Motors are coming down hot, prop wash galore, ETC...

UPDATE: Betaflight developer suggested I try the latest 4.1.0 Release Candidate (I used the RC released on 8/17/19). Quad flew TONS better even using stock PIDs. I'll dial it in some more when I have time.



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Jodie Froster   Aug 18, 2019  

Maybe try a bigger cap? I looked super hard to try and find some stray connection, loose wire or solder touching frame , etc, but I don't see anything out of place :( I see you have built plenty, i'm not implying that you aren't on top of things. I hate it for you that it's causing you such a headache. Best of luck, I hope you get it soon :)
Your 4n1 is pretty close to the frame, maybe something is brushing up against something else? Maybe you have a long motor screw ( can't see them in the pics, I kiiinda assume you would have noticed that already if it was the case, but i'm just hoping)

MattS   Aug 18, 2019 

I've added a cap (completely forgot it during the build) - cleared up my noisy video - so that's a plus!! I've double/triple checked all connections and for possible accidental contact with the frame - the build is super clean (if I do say so myself) 😉. ive updated to Betaflight 4.1.0 RC 08/17/2019 and that cleared up the majority of the problems.

Jodie Froster   Aug 19, 2019 

4.1 huh, That's good to hear. 4.0 was pretty rough on 5" 6s, glad they got out 4.1 with better 6s support. I agree that it's super clean, you don't need to feel bashful, we see you!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Aug 18, 2019  

First I would try HQ 3x4x3 V1S's. Probably at the same time I would scale my throttle to 50%. On 3.5.7 BF I would bet that is a smooth flight. At that point I would start raising the throttle scale until I didn't like it. Remember KV * V = RPM. I have sadly surpassed that mark at high speed and lost good members of the squadron in great display in that fashion. Also try to get the camera angle as high as possible.

MattS   Aug 18, 2019 

I'm going for the stupidest speed I can on a 3" - the 3052 are the most aggressive I can find. A Betaflight developer mentioned they've made significant headway with dynamic filtering in the 4.1.0 Release Candidates. I flashed to the latest RC (I used 8/17s, but I believe they are releasing daily at this point). night and day difference even using stock pids.

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