6" Armattan Badger w/ GPS

By Airmaxx23 on Aug 20, 2019

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I've been enjoying my slow cruising 5" Marmotte so much that I decided to build a 6 inch Armattan Badger for long range with a GPS.

I originally went with the Holybro Kakute F7 & Tekko32 4in1 ESC 30x30 3-6S Stack/Combo but after completing the build the ESC would not report the mAh consumption, even though telemetry was working fine, so I pulled the stack and started again. This time I went with the Matek F722-SE F7 and separate Spedix GS35 2-6S 32Bit DShot1200 35A ESCs. The GPS is the BN-220, it's working great for GPS Rescue mode and flight data.

I drew and printed the GPS / VTx antenna mount and the 2 piece GoPro Hero7 mount. I had printed a similar Hero 7 mount that I found on Thingiverse but it didn't fit properly so I drew up my own. The Crossfire antenna mount, front bumper and arm guards are from Thingiverse.

The rest of the build is fairly standard components consisting of a Runcam Micro Swift 2, Xing 2306-1700kv motors, Rush Tank Ultimate VTx, Crossfire Nano Rx and Matek buzzer.



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crashbamdicoot   10 days ago  

what pdb did you use?

Airmaxx23   9 days ago 

The Matek F722SE has a built in PDB so you don't need one.

duke_vah   30 days ago  

Great one. Do you have videos without gopro establizatoin? I tried two different 6" and couln't get ride of jello in HD video. Mybe this the frame I should go with! BTW, what is the total weight without gopro and battery?

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duke_vah   25 days ago 

thank you . Can you share the link to this frame with me? I ordered HSKRC XL7 in a hope that It won't have the jello issue. I feel like I need to get hero 7, this is the only way get rid of jello in 6 plus frames.

SpikeDiesel   25 days ago 

Just search it man 1st link, here's a good vid on jello fixes, ND helped me  

duke_vah   24 days ago 

I found it in readymaderc. I just wanted to be sure I got it right. thanks.

SkinnyFlea262   28 days ago  

That is one sexy quad. The orange is too good.

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