Trashy #1

By Trashyfpv on Aug 22, 2019

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My first build ever, I'm new here so go easy on me. Feeling a bit trashy.

Spent a lot of time taking this guy apart, and getting everything situated in the frame properly.
Didn't realize how tight of a frame this TransTEC Frog Lite 218mm would be, definitely looking forward to a frame with more space in my next build!

Either way, it flies great, and I'm loving my foray into this awesome hobby.


If you feel like following along with my progress, follow me on instagram: @trashyfpv



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Tanner1998   Dec 24, 2019  

please help im on my first build as well im using this same fc and reciever and i cannot get the thing to register my inputs what pad did you solder the reciever to? and what is your betaflight setup? the bars arent moving in my reciever tab and i cant figure it out!

Trashyfpv   Dec 25, 2019 

what kind of receiver are you using? Ill take a look at my board to see what UARTs im using for my DSMX.

Tanner1998   Dec 25, 2019 


Trashyfpv   Dec 25, 2019 

I marked the UART I used for my receiver (SPM4648 - No Telemetry) in the attached image in neon green (RX4, 3.3V, and Ground) , also added images of my BetaFlight configuration. Make sure to set the UART4 to Serial, in the ports tab, also select the receiver under configuration tab, lastly select TAER1234 in Receiver tab

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