Sky Hero 4" agile racer

By geoffmunn on Jan 10, 2017

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I wanted to build a fast quadcopter, but couldn't decide on the frame size, so I bought 3 Sky Hero OB1 frames - a 4", a 5" and a 6" frame.
They'll all run exactly the same components, except for the 4" frame which will have different motors.

This is the build list for the 4" frame, and is my first custom build quadcopter.

This was a challenging build in some aspects - there is very little room on a 4" frame and some of the soldering was very fiddly.
The Brain RE1 flight controller is really nice though (the autotune function is really cool), and the 32bit ESCs work well although there is no documentation on the web. I didn't flash them - they work straight out of the box.

I used the Spektrum receiver because I have a DX8. This receiver does not integrate well with the Brain RE1, and the telemetry options are unavailable so I have to rely on the OSD in the goggles to tell me what's happening.

Once the dRonin autotune process was completed then it became very stable and is heaps of fun to fly. It's very nimble and you can throw it around.

Photos and video to come soon.

Part List


OB1 Naked Frame 4" REV2 (PDB included)

Flight Controller

RE1 Flight Controller - BrainFPV
See Site


4 x Lumenier 30A 32bit Silk ESC OPTO (2-4s)


4 x RCX 2205 2950Kv 3-4S Brushless Motor V2


DAL Prop 4045 Bullnose 4 Pack

FPV Camera

Foxeer Arrow V2 FPV Camera, Built in OSD and Microphone

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter


IBCrazy 5.8 GHz RHCP Dura-Spec Antenna


Spektrum Quad Race Serial Receiver w/telemetry (2 builds)


R-Line 1550mah 14.8v 95C Lipo

Power Distribution

mPB - brainfpv
See Site
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