Fission 85X

By FissionBomb on Oct 18, 2019

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08/29/19 I bought some old parts from another FPVer who was frustrated with his Cinewhoop.

I went with the 1103 10,000kv motors and 1.9 inch props on 3S to experiment. The build flies but not great. Outdoors with Acro it's nimble enough for level flight but no inverted moves. The props absolutely scream at a very high octave. I have now swapped in the 2040 props and it still flies but seems much more powerful and controlled. The frame had to be filed and bent slightly to accept the tips of the 2040 props.

For $75 I got:
Turtle HD Cam and board
Custom Camera Pod
7 1105 6000kv motors
A dead flight controller/ESC
A broken channel button VTX
5 3S batteries 300-450mah
2 85X frames
A set of Avan 2 inch Props and 7mm screws
16gb SD Card

I had on hand:
1103 10,000kv Eagle Power Motors
1104 7500kv iFlight Tachyon Motors

iFlight Succex AIO

Flysky RX2A Pro Micro Receiver
Wolfwhoop 200mw micro piggy VTX
Gemfan 1940 Hulkie Props
Gemfan 2040 Hulkie Props

10/18/19 I built this using the 1103 10000kv Eagle Power motors and 3 blade Hulkie 2040 props. I am running 3S which I know is really pushing the limits of the components but I feel like that is necessary to make it fly well. I wish there was a lighter parts solution. It flies well enough for Cinematic purposes but only gets about 2:30 of flight time out of a 350mah 3S. I also think the Turtle is a power sucker but cannot prove unless I change the cam.



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