Gatehunter 6S

By Dave_C FPV on Aug 29, 2019

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Frame: This is my latest build of my open source Gatehunter RS5 frame featuring the new flip stick canopy. This simple 5mm polyamide (nylon) stick is pressed into the TPU and does a significantly better job than any turtle fin ever could. Plus it's a lot lighter!

Stack: I hesitated to use the super cheap Mamba F405 stack with pretty amp hungry 2207 1888kV motors on 6S but it holds up great so far!'

Motors: The new lineup of RacerStar motors really has noting to do with the junk they used to sell. The SIC 2207 1888kV have a great performance, quality and stunning looks. Build quality seems great: Titanium shaft, curved magnets, super clean single strand windings and the special anodizing only iFlight had until now.
The only issue is the shape of the bell where the edges clash with the T-Motor 5150 props I usually use. But on all other props I tried it was fine. Also I can't telly much about durability yet but they seem solid.

Camera: The RunCam Phoenix Oscar edition really has a great image quality (certainly among the best with the Micro Eagle) but overall I still prefer the Ratel with the 1.66mm lens.

VTX: I'm starting to use the tiny Eachine Nano 400mW VTX on most 5" racing builds because why not? Saves a bit of weight and the one I tested with an RF meter really did true 400mW.



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Krizzy   8 days ago  

How do I get a frame like this?

Dave_C FPV   2 days ago 

Send the dxf files in my Thingiverse post to any CNC-Service and they will cut it for you . I have linked a few in the post :-)

EreKeR101   3 days ago  

Nice Build 👍.. I'm getting ready to build the 3" version of it but just need to get the canopy. Sucks not having a 3D printer but in due time.

Currently   18 days ago  

How do you keep the vtx and rx from floping around? Do you think a Tank Rush would fit in the stack? Love the frame btw!

Dave_C FPV   12 days ago 

They are so light its no issue if the float around!
No the stack should stay really low since the TPU canopy can be pushed down on very hard impacts.

Currently   11 days ago 

I see! Also I think your Wix build guide is down? I'm definetly gonna need that if I'm going to build one XD

BloodyLordV   21 days ago  

What is the weight of this frame?

SpikeDiesel   22 days ago  

nice bro just these motors, made by iflight for sure, got the xing bell oring, hey if ya got a printer print 5mm washers in tpu from thingiverse, they work great ;)  or HMU I'll mail ya some

Dave_C FPV   22 days ago 

thanks dude! I'll print some but still a design flaw IMO

HK-AERIAL VTOL   23 days ago  

Oh snap! I'm gonna try out that VTX. Sweet race build Dave... I'm putting one (GH) on my build list.

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