Diamond 113R

By Chunder on Sep 15, 2019

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So I bought a toothpick canopy and put it on a frame of my own design with standard components: Runcam Nano 2, NamelessRC 12a, Diamond VTX, HQ T3x2. The T-Motor F10s (1104 7500kv) are old but still one of my favorite motors and they synergize perfectly with this build. You can also find them really cheap now at around 9 or 10 bucks.

I've built a lot of 3in quads in my time and this one is my favorite yet. All these ultralight components coming out lately have really switched things up. Just a year ago I was flying a 150g beast with 850mah 4s lipos. This thing is only 67.5 grams and running a 450mah 3s with onboard dvr.

Next version of this frame will have 3mm carbon instead of 2.5 and a larger wheelbase. 3 inch props just barely fit and I think a little more clearance will offer "cleaner air" for smoother flight characteristics. Originally I had intended to use 1103 lil floaters, but comparing those to the Tmotor 1104s on a 2.5" quad yielded a roughly 30% power increase in favor of the 1104s.



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