Jyuuni-go Flyfox No. 11 LR 3"

By irmanhilmi on Aug 30, 2019

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Edit: Now a V4, with custom camera mounts to fight jello and an iFlight F4 FC.

Edit: Added a V3, now with Flywoo's 1404 3750kv motors. Flies great and motors are barely warm. But now getting some jello issues on the Split 3

Edit: Added a V2 of the build, which is closer to my original intention of making this a quick longrange micro rig. Tried a few 3" biblade props, but these motors seem to not like them very much and overheats. Still tuning, but it pretty stable for a 3" quad. Will probably try higher capacity batteries and see what it does to flight time and stability. The main objective is to have footage similar to a 7" with Gopro (I wish!)

The idea was to build an HD ultralight 3" using 1106 motors as a base, but without the flimsiness of a toothpick build, The frame looked weird initially, but once built up it feels very stiff and makes for a solid build.

168g dry weight (V4)
269g AUW with 850mah 4S (V4)



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Yinka_Brasil   Jan 11, 2020  

Did the mounts solve the jello? I'm considering this frame since it seems to have good reviews, but I'm concerned about the jello.

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Yinka_Brasil   Jan 13, 2020 

Wow!...That's a game changer, for sure. Thanks! Where did you find the tpu for the the camera mount?

irmanhilmi   Jan 13, 2020 

Yup. I designed that mount (in the main picture) myself. Printed it using PLA+, and it seems to work fine.

Yinka_Brasil   Jan 13, 2020 

Unfortunately, I don't have a printer; nevertheless, thanks for all the feedback. You've definitely impacted my decision to go the with the flyfox, which was my first choice. Thanks again and happy flying!

Sasquads   Aug 31, 2019  

Simplicity is the key

Sasquads   Aug 31, 2019 

How are those motors? On paper they rock, seeing the specs.

Sasquads   Aug 31, 2019 

How are those motors? On paper they rock, seeing the specs.

irmanhilmi   Sep 01, 2019 

tbh they're just a bit meh. either that or i haven't found a sweet spot for these motors yet. they get extremely hot on bi-blades, still can't tune them out. plus, the motor wires are SOO SMALLLL

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