SKEW_R Mk2 Racerstar Build

By CarbonRain on Aug 31, 2019

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Felt I needed a second backup raceday quad, the SKEW_R prototypes have been holding up really well (far better than I was hoping!) so I cut another frame, printed a pod, and stuck in some spare AMAXinno 2305 2550kv motors and a Racerstar REV35A 4-in-1 just in time for a race that weekend. Flew it on 4S and remembered just how much I preferred 6S - swapped back to my 6S rig and flew much better with it.

A couple of days later, a set of the new Racerstar SIC 2207s turned up (I'd originally planned to do a 6S freestyle rig with them after the racing season ended). Opted to stick them into the backup SKEW_R instead - don't trust the REV35A on 6S, but I did have another Racerstar ESC that looked like it would do the job, a 50A Blheli32 number. Swapped them all in, printed another pod because colour coordination, and once more a parts bin build ended up one of my prettiest. Has yet to be flown in anger - times will be very desperate when it takes to the air!



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eduenlamer   Oct 01, 2019  

This is stunning! Love your frame design. Great work!
So how do you like those sic motors?

CarbonRain   Oct 02, 2019 

Thanks! Haven't flown that rig much, my primary and secondary held out for the whole race season. In my test flights they felt great - only slight complaint, the clearances must be tighter than the AMAXinno motors I used on my other quads, got a little dirt in one of them on landing and it made it feel quite grindy. In the end I had to take it apart to remove the offending tiny stone from in there - they do disassemble and reassemble dead easy though, maintaining them should be easy. Now the race season is over this build is getting a new pod to take a gopro for some winter freestyle - shall update when I've had a few sessions with it!

fpvoutsidethebox   Sep 02, 2019  

Will you release the files for the Frame anytime soon? Looks amazing! Or maybe even sell it somewhere? xD

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