Cinerous Vulture (7" Kriegerpus)

By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Oct 07, 2019

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This large raptorial bird comes from the grace and brilliance of the legendary Andy Shen. As a lover of Rotorbuilds I have seen flayzeraynx's "666 - The Number of the Beast" and I totally dig that 'copter; the theme is undeniably perfectly executed; as such I couldn't exactly follow his lead and expect to post it here... like I did with DustinTheWind's 7" Ti BigBlock Mountain Destroyer. What I felt comfortable doing was asking Andy to likewise produce me a custom length Kriegerpus frame (obviously bigger), I thought that would be a good winter project for me... unfortunately I now want to fly it soon because I feel my build is gonna kick the tail off anything these parts north of five motors. When we initially started talking about this frame Andy mentioned it would need to be a little thicker and something - something about it being rigid while being so large. I am so glad he knows about that stuff because this thing is ~18" in wheelbase and it is SOLID! Not only are the six-axis offerings from Shendrones the only real commercially available CF race\freestyle frame besides the single plate Evo-H 2" and 2.5" micro hex (not a floppy plastic erector set thing), but it is very smartly designed. There is a gear-shaped ring inside the 2 main (horizontal) plates that butt against the arms ends creating a stiff 60 degree angle between appendages. Would this rig survive crashing? Many times. Will I do that with mine? No.

I want to note my addition of the Kriegerpus below as a frame reference is completely wrong. This frame is not available unless you can also convince him to make you one (probably super easy... pay what he would agree to). The price depicted reflects the frame he does sell on his site (so, again... not this one).

This rig is my return to PyroDrone stock. It is so so massive that I immediately knew the 1322 KV 2408.5's were the perfect match for the Vulture. Six motors means the Matek F722-STD\F-CHUB 6S combo is the logical choice so I can easily double up on the power pads for two of the sets of iFlight 50A Sticks. DWreck @ 'Pyro says to use these because they have an insane reliability rate. I take their advice more than any other source. This time I also go with their batteries. The 2200 MAH 6S has eluded me a few times (Banggood\Hobbyking), and now I know of a stateside connection. The maiden will be on 7" HQ's; I expect to later use APC 7" pitch monsters. I did ask Andy to ensure I could get at least a 4 high 30MM stack in here just in case I do decide to try out the ByteFrost with this one (nope.... building another hex for that), but for now we start with a demonstrably adequate Foxeer Predator Mini and AKK FX2 VTX. I ordered another LR antenna... but kinda liked the way the stubby looked coming off the side of the canopy uprights.

The maiden on this one was an evolution to me as a pilot. A hex "feels" like a quad with more "everything". It yaws\pitches\rolls the same way as a quad, but everything is very assertive. Rolls are really, really fast, and making back and forth sprints sound like they are (as I have put it in the past) "burning streaks in the sky". Punchouts deliver almost too much thrust for the weight\footprint, and I will likely scale the throttle a little (10-20%). The characteristics of BF with the 6 rotor make me think that it is truly a hex platform merely masquerading as a quad system. The two cannot be easily compared. The hex feels more accurate, endlessly powerful, and perfectly smooth courtesy of my very favorite stock tune 3.5.7. Motors\ESCs came back down cold in 7 minutes... I didn't have my OSD set so I dunno how much flight time was left; probably another 4-5 minutes I'm sure. No modes... as usual.



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dafunk   Oct 08, 2019  

Attention to details is amazing.
Everyting looks so clean. Well done !

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Oct 09, 2019 

Thanks for the kind words! I had some refitting to do (tight around the side plates), but this set me on a new path.... the hex is a fantastically stable configuration (I'm still a BF 3.5.7 zealot). Right now I'm working up a 6 rotor 2.5" (single plate), and then I think I'm gonna build a 5" Kriegerpus (probably the E-Series Hyperlites since they are such a great deal) so I can take it easy on this one.

Jodie Froster   Oct 08, 2019  

Dude, cool build. I like the VTX antenna mounting

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Oct 08, 2019 

I had to do it because Andy put that hole there! It looked to me to be for a bulkhead, but the only other example I've seen (the "666" build) didn't use the CF canopy so I didn't have much of a reference. I appreciate the compliment and of course, your "vote".

kwadkenstine   Oct 07, 2019  

Covered it all ,nice work

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Oct 07, 2019 

Thanks... I really loved putting this one together.

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