Floss 3 digital 6S

By M490fpv on Sep 08, 2019

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I Wanted to test the DJI digital fpv system on a race frame.
Used the 6" arms in this build to have more room for camera cage.
Standoffs are 22mm and secured the screws with nylocs. This gives the total stack room height of 25mm.
Separate escs were a must to keep the stack low. This choice adds some 15g more weight, compared to 4in1 esc.
Cam cage horizontal standoffs are 20mm.
The total weight of this creature is horrifying 379g! But let's see how it flies...

Air unit mount is printed of black nylon
Cam cage and antenna mount is printed of TPU A98



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pablosemper   Apr 08, 2020  

Hello, the truth is that your work is impeccable. I am with some other build, and the truth that I would like, if you can, help me with two. The first is on a TBS SourceOne, the DJI unit I can not install well at the end of the frame, I find it difficult to put the antennas.
The other build is on a Floss3, for race .., there is the possibility that you will sell me the STL file, from a similar camera mount or like those sold at http://taco-rc.com/3dpower-cherrycraft- style-fixed-fpv-micro-camera-mount-for-hyperlite-floss-3-0-fpv-freestyle-racing-quadcopter /, I live in Argentina and it is difficult for an article like this to happen, and less in the situation current. I have no problem making an arrangement and charging me for your work, please. THANKS!!!

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pablosemper   Apr 09, 2020 

Hi !!, I can install either one. Preferably Micro, but I have nano ..

M490fpv   Apr 10, 2020 

i will check what i can do 👍🏼

pablosemper   Apr 10, 2020 

muchas gracias!!!!!!, te agradezco!!!!!!

sir_toasty1   Mar 06, 2020  

Did you print those mounts yourself? If so can you provide the stls or where you got them?

LaminairFPV   Sep 11, 2019  

I bet this is super fun! are many people using the dji to race with atm?

Noboody   Sep 09, 2019  

Very nice adaptation !

M490fpv   Sep 09, 2019 

Thank you! My next ongoing build is Slamnasty 5" with DJI gear :)

Noboody   Sep 10, 2019 

Cool, looking forward to see what you'll propose

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