Sanchez 3" Toothpick

By Igi87 on Sep 02, 2019

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This is my first 3 inch Toothpick Build. I was inspired by Dave C FPV as I saw his amazing Sanchez Frame.
Building this quad was quite challenging due to the size of the Motor Wires, but it was fun to build!
Weight is 77g without Battery.
Hope you like my little Sanchez.
I'm using a 450mah 3S Battery and this little crazy Quad rips through the air, its just pure fun to fly it!

Looking forward to build a second Sanchez 3", maybe with some 1207 or 1206 Motors ;-)


Part List


The Sanchez - 3" Toothpick Frame Style


Sanchez AIO 3 Inch Ultralight (5 builds)

Flight Controller

NameLessRC F4 AIO 12A (2 builds)


4 x FLYWOO NIN NT1404 - 4850KV



FPV Camera

RunCam Nano2 (72 builds)

FPV Transmitter

A01 25-200mW 5.8G VTX (3 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano RX

Misc Parts

The Sanchez [3 Inch Toothpick Style] by Dave_C_FPV (10 builds)
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Dave_C FPV   Sep 02, 2019  

Really nice and clean build! Love it!
I have some 1207 Rcingpower too but haven't got around testing them since I'm waiting for a Pickle Evo 2 frame and some other components.
Also I'm pretty sure that the 1204 size Kabab is working on will be really good. Not as fast as 3S 1404 or 1207 but probably fast enough and less demanding for the batteries.

Igi87   Sep 02, 2019 

Thanks for your feedback :) I appreciate it.
ow exactly the 1207 Rcingpower are the one I'd like to order, the pink one.....that means I probably will wait until your review :)

daich   Sep 10, 2019 

Beautiful build! FWIW the stator volume of a 1404 is 10% smaller than a 1206 and 30% smaller than 1207.
Are you going for even more power and weight?
I'd think a 1204 would be more appropriate as it is about 25% smaller in stator size than a 1404 which is a pretty hefty motor at around 10g.
With a 1204 you can run smaller batteries and end up much lighter.

Igi87   Sep 10, 2019 

Thanks for your feedback. I ordered the new Xing 1206 4500KV, my main goald with the new set up is, so that i can run 4s, have some 450mah 4s laying around and I need a use for them :D:D
but I'm really happy with this build, I flight it the most time with a 3S 450mah Tattu battery and I'm getting 4min of flighttime with easy going freestyle, if I push it like a racing quad I'm getting 2:30 (but that is most of the time full throotle) as Dave_C FPV says, the problem is the sag with the small batteries, but as I sad for easy freestyle with some punch outs its pretty good :)
I hope my answer is helping you

tashnats   Sep 04, 2019  

like this one too. how is it to fly?

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