Scream'n Butterfly - 62mm Guppy Nano

By ꓘamiKwadze on Sep 02, 2019

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Definitely my most challenging build yet. Originally the frame came with 15mm of build space. I cut down some 20mm standoffs to 17mm to give myself some extra space. There were some features I wanted that just wouldn't fit in 15mm. Literally, there is only enough space left inside for a little air flow. Otherwise, awesomeness!!! Quick, balanced, and most importantly loads of fun. The 300mah is a decent match, I may try something a little higher to see if there is much difference. I tried a bunch of 260mah's but they are on the cusp of being underpowered...too much sag. Just got in a Racer Nano to try, looking at the Predator Nano also. The one thing that I'm not too sure about, is the screw holes on the guppy frame are countersunk. The problem being countersunk holes on 2mm and 1.5mm CF doesn't leave much material for structural support. Time will tell.



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Buttered Croissant   Sep 09, 2019  

Damn, thats cute!

Kakolukia   Sep 04, 2019  

Cutest micro ever! 😍

ꓘamiKwadze   Sep 03, 2019  

I've only done a few test flights around the was raining out when I finished it. I haven't ever had a drone this size to compare it to so I'm not sure how it performs. I think it performs well and it is fun to fly, but haven't tried any acro in the house. I have some more lipos on order, once they're in I'll get it outside and post a video. I am considering removing the motor guards, not sure. Thanks for the comments!

kabon   Sep 03, 2019  

how it perform?

Igi87   Sep 03, 2019  


Sasquads   Sep 02, 2019  

I tried those motor protectors, made my motors run hot.
They look awesome though, but took them off.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Sep 02, 2019 

I have often wondered of the effect they could have... I do not really need them, but I too appreciate their asthetic.

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