By kwadkenstine on Sep 08, 2019

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Hi Just another dumb idea.
We have beast and x class quads , by all accounts expensive and not the easiest to tune.
What i thought was a more bf default friendly platform , up to 7 inch props but as many as you can fit on a frame with maximum 8 inch arms.
They would be MONSTA.
More words later.
Best time of the year here atm in WESTERN AUSTRALIA wheat belt ,wild flower season. It really is spactacular.
EDIT OR UPDATE 3,13,2020
Cudos to nurk for taking this config to the next level, im not claiming mine is the first , because its not,
I just dont have the money or resources to get expensive cameras to strap to it or the need to make money .



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Jodie Froster   Sep 10, 2019  

So I am trying so hard to figure out what that canopy is. Is it a toilet tank seal? Is it a camera mount from something else? I love the "valkerie helm" look, the adjustable camera mount looks like the visor, and the antenna mount as the wing/ear.
I dig the standoff between the motors, very clever use of existing materials (clearly something you excel at!).
So lets talk about that yellow vehicle yo took some pics on. The door dooks like its from an 80'e era small pickup truck, but the rear window is a hatchback style glass (kind of like an 80's corvette, or maybe an RX7?). The fender and tailloghts though... no idea. It looks like the rear fender could just be an aftermarket part. Maybe fiberglass? Maybe bondo/body filler at the edges?
I can't figure out what it is!!?!!

kwadkenstine   Sep 10, 2019 

!978 mazda rx7 .
It was one of my street racers. when i was a bad boy. There was not much mazda left by the time i finished modding it.
Full fg daytona body kit ,it had massive boots and a 13b turbo motor running on liquid petrolium gas.11.2 seconds true 1/4 mile I lived neer the fastest drag track in the world growing up. I built it in 1995. The front was put back to metal after granny smith wiped it off at a roundabout. It was a nice car at one time in its life..

SpikeDiesel   Sep 10, 2019  

Brah....you need help lol

kwadkenstine   Sep 10, 2019 

yes i know

Power_FPV   Sep 09, 2019  

oh my god i love it

Rc Exp   Sep 08, 2019  

OMG now this is just breathtaking. This monster just looks amazing 🤯🤯 the canopy is super clean and I love how you change the camera's tilt. Truly inspiring

P0operMcWank   Sep 08, 2019  

I like the pictures with the daisy flowers. Monsta quad could be like a hedge trimmer and take those flowers out really fast. I need to try hedge trimmers cause my rear cheeks are like a chia pet except its hair and my hair clippers get clogged up. I dont like the stuffy feeling during the warm months and going to church is really bad with no air conditioning. Its like the antichrist materializes in my pants and jacks up the humidity to a billion. Sorry I got off subject.

kwadkenstine   Sep 08, 2019 

Try rubbing alcohol and a match. also a fire hose.
Burn those weeds right off. Be careful of roasted nuts

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