3AF 4K

By 00jferna on Sep 29, 2019

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Rebuild from Flywoo Ant. Using monster micro until i can order 4K split camera.

10/14/2019 - Added Runcam Hybrid 4k camera and replaced RX with Spektrum SPM4650.



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Cappurnikus   Nov 01, 2019  

Hows the Runcam Hybrid working so far?

00jferna   Nov 01, 2019 

No issues so far. The FPV feed is clean (though it's 4:3, so my V1S stretches it). The colors seem saturated (reds and greens look super rich). I’ve heard it compared to the Nano2 (which I have in a toothpick build) and I’d say it’s close. I don't race, so can’t speak to latency, but it feels responsive. The HD video looks good, with good light handling (critical in NE fall/winter). I run it on 2.7K 60fps without issues. I haven’t experienced any jello with this cam (can’t say the same about my Foxeer Mix). I’ll try to upload some videos this weekend.

zdkroot   Sep 30, 2019  

Sweet build, I really dig this classic alien-box frame style. Did you happen to weigh that frame? I can't find any numbers to compare it. Also how are the motors? They look great and I can't find much about them.

00jferna   Sep 30, 2019 

Thanks! 55g with TPU antenna mount and 25mm standoffs, but its tough AF. Haven't weighed it built (going to wait for the split camera).

The 1506s scream, especially 4300kv on 4s. They are notching as hell. So much so, HD video quality might suffer because of it.

zdkroot   Sep 30, 2019 

Phew that's a big boy! About the same weight as the acrobrat but different format. I like the look of this frame more for sure. And yeah I don't know that there are any really good options for "smooth" motors right now. They all seem to be designed with racing in mind. I'm still shopping around.

00jferna   Sep 30, 2019 

Yeah, I've had a good experience with BQE and like the simple build. It has a ton of room (for a micro).

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