Jyuusan-go Turbocinewhoop 1.9"

By irmanhilmi on Sep 06, 2019

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The idea was to build a Spit 3-based Cinewhoop with proper aerodynamic ducts and not simply prop guards. After the experience of setting up the Squirt V2 I thought it would be awesome to have something way smaller but with the same flight characteristics as a Squirt.

Compared to many other smaller cinewhoops, I believe Fullspeed RC's Turbowhoop is the only one to have aerodynamically-designed ducts similar to the Squirt, which should provide extra lift in addition to safety from props. I didn't like the 4K BNF version so decided on building from scratch.

Printed the ducts in TPU because PLA/PETG just doesn't stand up to small impacts/crashes
Designed my own antenna mount, available here

Flies like a dream after tuning. Eachine Nano heats up like a MF.
185g AUW with 450mah 4S battery.



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