Rip Squeak HD

By 00jferna on Sep 07, 2019

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Felt inspired to squeeze an HD cam into this 2.5" build.
And it fits! Barely!

9/11/2019: Lots of jello.... going to try removing soft mounts and use community presets for micros. Might try a new lens.



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startoftext   Jun 08, 2020  

Did you like the 3AF better? How was the flight time and performance. I am debating between building a 3AF but I am tempted to go with a Rip Squeak because I could stay under 250g.

00jferna   Jun 08, 2020 

I like 3inch better. Currently working on converting my 3AF to a GoPro hauler. It has the power and top plate space for a Hero6 and 850mah 4s. But it's heavy, over 300g. So, try the Rip Squeak if you want to stay under the magical 250g mark. They also make a 3" Rip Squeak that I'm tempted to try.

startoftext   Jun 09, 2020 

Thanks for the input. I was planning on the 3 inch Rip Squeak. It looks like it might be a bit tight to fit an hd dvr board into the Rip Squeak. Also it looks like the motor options are not as good for the Rip Squeak are not as robust. Granted I should not have waited because the 3AF is now sold out.

00jferna   Jun 26, 2020 

Take a look at the Acrobrat. Similar weight and price, 3 mounting locations, 14x14 motor pattern, and more room for a runcam hybrid or caddx tarsier

emperor1992   Mar 09, 2020  

Love the build! Were you able to smooth out the jello? Also noticed the pics have the 1105 on them, but the specs say your using the 1304st. Which motor did you end up going with?

00jferna   Mar 10, 2020 

yeah, the jello was combination of crappy props and loose cam screws. I used the 1105s for awhile but upgraded to 1304 for better prop authority. The larger stator gave better control. Unfortunately, this build is in pieces right now. I lost interest after building my 3AF and larger quads.

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