6 The Hard Way

By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Oct 29, 2019

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There are not enough hexacopters in the world, and I have decided to do my part to change that. Coming off the insane high that is building the "Cinerous Vulture", I developed the desire to complicate my life with now trying to fit 6 motor\ESCs onto a micro. Of course, Shendrones sells 4 and 5" versions of my 7" hex, but those seemed.... "too big" to be "different enough" (Edit: next build is a 5" Kriegerpus). I really wanted a 2" hex as I really love micros, and one builder here on RB had one (Hex Sex). The Tomoquads micro hex frame comes in 2 and 2.5", and if you have ever built a 2" you know there are some props in that range that are just a tad bigger than advertised. A quad that is just a hair under 2" gets relegated to the worst blade offerings IMO. The 2.5" is what I will always opt for if possible for that reason. This is how I put 6 (rotors in the air) "The Hard Way" (I know - it's a reference that shows my age... kids: it's a Gordon Parks Jr. film titled "Three The Hard Way"). Motor wires hardly required.

This is my second iFlight motor rig, and this time we test out the brand new Xing Nano 1206's. The 1105's were so impressive to me that I had to try out another set of these wacky decorated spinners. I quickly found after my X2 Nano build that it does not matter a bit what they look like while you fly, and that is the funnest part... the Nano line is super fast. I figure 6 of the 6500 KV would be the right thing to do here as I like my micros "micro" (2-3S). I must say that I much more prefer the aesthetics of the 1206's over the 1105's "rainbow, thrown up on a Jackson Pollack, by a unicorn" paint scheme.

As usual... 3.5.7 FTW.

Edit: 6 1206 6500 KV's eat a 3S 850 too fast (2 minutes), and since all this was rated to 4S I decided to try (and now love) that voltage range for this build. I got a 4S Lumenier 1000, and it provides some extended duration, but to be frank: this is a hex built for a blindingly fast five minute rip. It does still perform with the weight benefits of a little bird, but thrust is (as can be expected) about 50% more in the times it matters most. The stock BF 3.5.7 tune for 6-rotor is almost too perfect.



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sal.mars44K.C.   11 days ago  

Hey, bud... I like this a lot,  I'm thinking of going back to the single esc. To; cool as hell man.
I like being having singles cause it's easier to replace an it makes the quads look more diverse.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   11 days ago 

Thanks! I actually heard of builders using a 4-in-1 and 2 individual ESCs for their hex, but I just couldn't find the room for that on this rig. I do gotta say I hate cutting motor wires as short as this one needed, but it all feels and fits right. This whole build was an excercise in miniaturization. That nano VTX really is "nano". Thanks for the love!

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