By jdmkramer on Sep 07, 2019

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Yes it's silly. I was going to gut one of my 2 session 5s but lost the other in the lake. I thought the entire session would look hilarious and might even fly. May need a LITTLE tuning. Footage to come :)



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blade.fpv   27 days ago  

how much flight time you getting on this?

bronzebeard   May 14, 2020  

How did you mount the session? I am considering a build like or based of yours and was wondering what you did for the session.

briancortinovis   Mar 24, 2020  

E' possibile avere stl ?

FissionBomb   Sep 16, 2019  

U so crazy.

sergetania   Sep 09, 2019  

Wow! Awesome! Imagine what it can do without the hoops! 👍

jdmkramer   Sep 11, 2019 

thanks! I'm curious to fly it again without the session as well. my original 85x was insaaaane on 4s.

sergetania   Sep 11, 2019 

In a couple of years we will be flying HD video drones the size of a fly and it will be that big mostly because of the battery!

TeamWolfFPV   Sep 09, 2019  

Whoa cool. Does it fly!?

jdmkramer   Sep 09, 2019 

surprisingly it has the power, but it needs some severe tuning before it can be fun.

TeamWolfFPV   Sep 09, 2019 

godspeed, builds like this are uber cool, especially if you dont have to deshell the gopro. please update this post if you find a tune that works!

jdmkramer   Sep 11, 2019 

will do!

HalfFPV   Sep 10, 2019  

lol, i wanna see a video

jdmkramer   Sep 11, 2019 

the test hop was pretty bad. washout was to be expected, but in general the controlability in turns and descents was sketchy as hell. i think with some tweaks it will fly smoothly. it may be a little while before i have time, but it's coming! ;)

JasonFPV0   Sep 08, 2019  

Its... Its... beautiful.

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