HSKRC 328 Mavic clone long range freestyle: >65 minute flight time

By gilglecio on Sep 11, 2019

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INAV 2.2.1

frame HSKRC 328 105gr
2 par 8331 original 26gr
1 kit 4x motors 2008 1400kv 106gr
1 HAKRC 20x20mm 20A 3.7gr
1 HAKRC MiniF4 3.3gr
1 runcam split 3 nano 10gr
1 Lumenier AXII2 3g
1 AKK FX3 4.6gr
1 receptor R9 slim+ with T antenna 5gr
1 GPS BN-880 10gr
9 for 3s3p sanyo 18650ga 460gr

total weight is 736,6 gr.

DJI Mavic flight time is 25 minute.
DJi Mavic battery is 3830mAh, 90% is 3447mAh.

3447 / 25 = 137,88mA per minute.

This is insane flight time for 8 inch quadcopter.


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ledimestari   Oct 02, 2019  

The way you calculate theoretical flight time is wrong. You use raw mAh values but you forget that li-ion cells drop to much lover voltage when they are emptied. Lower voltage might not be enough to keep the craft in air. Or at least it will draw much more current at low voltages. I have tried similar 3" build with li-ion cells and calculated over 35min flight times but can only get around 26 minutes because of this. Sure this thing will fly for a long time but I would guess maybe around 40 minutes. 3s3p battery is also a lot of extra weight when it is nearing empty and cells drop below 3V.

gilglecio   Oct 02, 2019 

you are correct, let's see what we can achieve with this project, thanks!

ledimestari   Oct 15, 2019 

Thanks for the idea for this project anyway, I'm building one too. What FC/ESC stack you have on your video? It is not the same than in your description?

gilglecio   Oct 15, 2019 

I am waiting to arrive fc, esc, vtx and runcam split 3 nano, to complete the assembly of the drone, arrives in two weeks. hug!

ThumbzFPV   Sep 24, 2019  

any videos of it flying for an hour?

Rc Exp   Sep 18, 2019  

mais fotos por favor 😯

apexfpv   Sep 13, 2019  

Do you think you can post some more photos?

SkyLine FPV   Sep 13, 2019  

no pictures or description?

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