By kwadkenstine on Sep 14, 2019

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Full carbon /kevlar skin.
lots of filling and sanding..trying to keep it light . but there is a point when to stop caring and as long as the rig in flight trim is under 500g all is good.
We will see when done



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Jodie Froster   4 days ago  

First thought: "Wow! That shape, and paint job look amazing"
Second thought: If the arms could have the motor platforms moulded into them it would be amazing
I see the last shot of the kevlar, then the first shot of it formed and painted, and I have to commend you. You really put in some time on this one, it looks great.
Did you plan the "horns", or did they kinda form organically as you laid the fabric?
Def got a sea creature/alien from space vibe goin on with this one.
How stable are those motor mounts? I'm almost afraid to ask how she flys.. I like it so much, im scared that it might not fly well. Honestly even if it didn't i'd still like it as a design exercise, you seem to be learning so much about this forming process.
Does it need that long channel for the vtx antenna? I would like that to be chopped off, and the antenna stashed in the horn in front of it. I think it would have a cleaner, more organic look overall (also: lighter).

kwadkenstine   4 days ago 

excelent idea about the antenna. The motor mounts are good when the brace is on. front and back .
I should have included a pic of the kwad before laying it up.
The horns are by design.The paint finish is not my best work but good enough.
It flies really well . its a little heavy . but thats ok cause it is for fast frestyle aka thrashing

MauiToast   5 days ago  

Love it! I hate working with kevlar, I'm not sure its worth the hassle to me anymore even though I have a few meters of it. Keep up the flow man! I gotta say I'm inspired to keep my own projects going when I see other guys churning out some awesome stuff.

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